Tuesday Tip….What’s Grunge?

grunge 2

Grunge… a name that describes the fabric – that kind of smudged, painterly, drop-cloth kind of look.   Grunge… it’s so much better than that! Grunge is the creation of Rachel Benchley and it has been part of every Basic Grey collection since her first – Urban Couture –  in 2008.  It became a Moda Basic a few years ago with new colors being added every year. We have even more colours on order from Moda that are due to come to Hamels Fabrics in the next few months. We are always craving more basic blenders to have in the store to match other collections.

grunge 1

Rachel Benchley launched BasicGrey over fourteen years ago as a surface design company. Inspired by her crazy, hectic and colorful life, her sweet husband and four fabulous children, Rachel loves to mix things up with unique color palettes applied to bold prints and patterns – eclectic representations of her eclectic world. She is the creator of all Grunge fabrics and we love all of the colours!

What does she think is the best part of her design work? Seeing her designs become YOUR amazing creations!

If you’re not familiar with Grunge, it’s a unique fabric that is dyed first, then printed on one side to create a unique, textured look.  While the printing is the same for all Grunge fabrics, the final look of them can vary widely depending on the number of colors applied, the subtlety or contrast of those colors, and so on.

Our store has not only classic Grunge Basics in dozens of colours, but also Grunge Hits the Spot and Grunge Seeing Stars and a few extra wide Grunge fabrics for quilt backings. These amazing collections offer a palette of colours to choose from. They are just perfect for bindings, borders, backgrounds, appliqué and so much more!

grunge spots

Grunge can also be used on the wrong-side as a solid – either on its own because it’s the perfect color or just to add a little variety to a Grunge project.

grunge 3

grunge stars

We have all of the Grunge fabrics listed on our website and the fabrics come to us from our supply warehouse in Vancouver, British Columbia. Check out the Grunge fabrics either in our brick and mortar store or on the website as you look for fabric to compliment your next quilt!

Thrifty Thursday….Hopechest


Today’s *Thrifty Thursday item is the ‘Hopechest‘ pattern from Crabapple Hill Designs.

Refined and elegant images from the past when every woman filled her hope chest with monogrammed linens to fill her future home. All of the letters of the alphabet are included so you can choose your favorites for the quilt. I can think of so many other ways to use these monograms! Embellish hand towels, pillowcases, and tablecloths in blackwork, brownwork, whitework or full color…it’s up to you! Think about using other colorways! Redwork, Pink or Greenwork, or using many different colors. Any would be just beautiful!

This finished quilt measures 68 1/4″ x 68 1/4″.  Our regular price is $36.45. Our Thrifty Thursday price is $9.00. Click HOPECHEST to orders yours today! SOLD OUT!

*Thrifty Thursday items are final sale and may not be returned or refunded.

Tuesday Tip….How to Clean a Cutting Mat

Mat 1

Lately, many of us are making Jelly Roll rugs. As a thrifty, somewhat cheap, person, I cut my own strips of batting from scrap bits of batting in my sewing room to make my jelly roll rug. Great money saver vs. buying pre-cut batting strips, until after I was done and my cutting mat looked like the one pictured above!

This predicament can also come along if you cut batting squares for a rag quilt or if you sew a quilt- as-you-go blocks and trim the finished blocks to size on your mat. These activities can create quite a fuzzy mess. All those cotton fibers get embedded in the mat and no amount of rubbing with a rag will get them out.

mat 2 eraser

How can you remove the fuzz from your mat? Well the solution is as easy as a white eraser purchased from the dollar store. Yep. One of those inexpensive white artist erasers!

mat 3 fluff

Just rub it on the mat wherever it’s fuzzy and the fuzz comes out. With only a little bit of elbow grease, my mat is clean again and ready for my next cutting session. Voila!

mat 4

Happy stitching everyone!






Thrifty Thursday….Snow Ballerina


Today’s *Thrifty Thursday item is the Crabapple Hill Studios wall hanging quilt kit Snow Ballerina. This sparkly embroidered wall hanging is a called Snow Ballerina designed by Crabapple Hill Studios and will appeal to those that love soft and pretty, handwork and snowmen and/or dance.

Daintily dancing on her toes….This sparkling snow ballerina is happily twirling in her frilly tutu! She’s just so HAPPY and sweet!

The finished quilt measures 18.5 inches x 24.5 inches. Kit includes fabrics for the top, plus binding, pattern and embroidery floss and pigman pen.. Our regular price is $64.00.  Our Thrifty Thursday price is only $32.00 Click Here to order yours today!

*Thrifty Thursday items are final sale and may not be returned or refunded.5254 close up