Tuesday Tip – Keeping Binding in Place

clover wonder clipsOne of the best items you can have on hand when stitching the binding on your quilt is Clover Wonder Clips.

The Wonder Clips are great alternative to pins, especially when working with heavy weight fabrics, piles, and vinyls. It can hold layered sections of sewing projects such as handle connectors to handbags and piping without distortion. Wonder Clips can also hold quilt binding while sewing.
Wonder Clips are easy to see and easy to find when dropped on the floor!

If you are finding yourself without any for a various number of reasons there is an alternative.  During the time before the existence of Wonder Clips I found myself conveniently using metal snap clips. You know the ones intended to pin up your hair.  They are easily purchased at the grocery store in the cosmetic section and inexpensively at the dollar store.  You may have some in your powder room right now.

snap_clips_01With the bent underside of the clip they hold the binding nice and snug even on the thinnest of quilts and store easily in a ziploc bag or small container.  The bonus….they double as an actual hair clip :)

Canadian Mystery Quilt Club

Canada Mystery Quilt BlogJuly 1st 2017 we will be celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday!
To commemorate this great event Canadian designer Shania Sunga, known for her appliqué art quilts featuring the landscape and wildlife of Canada has designed a Mystery Quilt which will be revealed in time for the big celebration.  You can register for the Canadian Mystery Quilt program here.

There are 13 blocks in all depticting Canada’s ten provinces and three territories.  The blocks are constructed using a fusible, raw edge appliqué technique using beautiful Cantik Batik fabrics.  A new block will be released every six weeks and the program ends with a finishing kit.

Block one represents New Brunswick with the Hartland Bridge…the world’s longest “kissing bridge” along with the Black-capped chickadee the official bird of New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Block

Are you a snowbird?  Do you have friends or family living south of the border.  Great news for our American neighbours, there is a program available for them too.

Gulf Coast BlockMystery blocks depicting 13 regions of the United States such as the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountains.

The First block represents the Gulf Coast with the surf & wave loving Brown Pelican on a sandy portion of the 1,200 mile long Gulf Coast shoreline.  The Brown Pelican is one of the best known and most prominent birds found in the coastal areas of the southern and western United States.

You can register for the US Mystery program here.

Sew and Tell….Noel

Finished Noel QuiltWe were happy to have Dorothy bring in her Noel quilt, a kit she had purchased from the shop. It was exciting to see her finished quilt and we were interested to see that she completed the blocks using various styles of appliqué.  What an accomplishment.
We have the kit available here or if you prefer to use your own fabric we also have the pattern set available here.

Here is a closer look at a few of the blocks below.

Noel block 1

Noel block 2

Noel block 3