Tuesday’s Tip With Terry … Honeycomb the Eleanor Burns Way




Eleanor Burns is a queen of tips and tricks.  In fact she is the queen of rotary cutting.  She has brought quilters so many innovative ways to make complex quilting  quick and easy.  Today I wanted to show you her tips for creating her Honeycomb Quilt, all straight seam sewing.  Be sure to watch her technique video below in this post. Her Honeycomb Quilt Pattern comes with the templates that you see in her video which will show  you how to make these fun and easy honeycombs.  Click Here to order your pattern from our store.  This technique will have you falling in love with Honeycombs all over again.  You will be hooked.  I bet you can’t just make one quilt.


Bet You Can’t Eat This Jelly Roll?


All the rage right now is everything pre-cut.  Pre-cuts are a line of co-ordinating fabric cut into specific sizes bundled together.  They are usually released prior to the fabric being available off the bolt in yardage.  There is an endless supply of patterns, books etc. specifically for pre-cut fabrics.  They not only save you tons of time by not having to search co-ordinating fabric, but also they reduce greatly the amount of cutting you will need to do to piece your quilt top.  Below is a description chart from Moda Fabrics to explain just what those pre-cut fabrics are with those funny names.  Almost good enough to eat!  Click Here to view pre-cuts from our store.  Click Here to view pattern books exclusive to pre-cuts from our store.


Tutorial for Grandma’s Dominos by Kymberly Pease


I love memory quilts made from the clothing of a loved one. One day I found myself feeling discouraged that I probably would never have the opportunity to make one of the quilts since my loved ones still need their clothing. Then I realized that there was more than one way to make a memory quilt. One of my favorite things to do when I visited my grandma’s house was to make elaborate domino chains with my sister. The white squares in this quilt representative of those domino chains. I plan to embroider dots with the birthdays of all of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren into the white squares before I give this quilt to my grandma. This quilt would also be perfect for a guest book for a special occasion such as a graduation, wedding, baby shower, or anniversary.



1 Jelly Roll (I used 1930s Bella Solids)
1 Bella Solids Charm Pack OR 3⁄4 yd solid fabric (I used Bella Snow) 1 yard for first border (I used Bella Solids Grass)
2 yards for second border (I used Bella Solids 30s Pink)
4 yards for backing

From first border fabric: Cut (7) 2.5” x WOF strips
From second border fabric: Cut (7) 5” x WOF strips
Cut (7) 2.5” x WOF strips for binding
From 32 charm squares cut (64) 2.5”x5” rectangles
*If using yardage cut (8) 2.5” strips. Subcut into (64) 2.5” x 5” rectangles. You should get (8) rectangles from each strip.

Don’t be scared. The next steps look complicated, but each row is made from 1 strip from the jelly roll. Each step is cut into three pieces. The two outer pieces will be the same length and the third piece will be in the middle of the row. (Row A is the exception. You’re strip will be cut into two pieces with one rectangle in the middle. Add 2.5″ squares to each side to make the row the same length as Rows B-I.)

Row A: Cut (3) strips into (2) 21” pieces

For each row cut (2) 2.5” squares of matching fabric
*You will not use all of the strips from your jelly roll for this quilt. Most Jelly rolls will have a few duplicates. Use these for Row A and cut 2.5” squares from the duplicate.
Row B: cut (4) strips into (1) 2.5” and (2) 20” pieces
Row C: Cut (4) strips into (1) 5” and (2) 18.5” pieces
Row D: Cut (4) strips into (1) 10” and (2) 16” pieces
Row E: Cut (4) strips into (1) 15” and (2) 13.5” pieces
Row F: Cut (4) strips into (1) 20” and (2) 11” pieces
Row G: Cut (4) strips into (1) 25” and (2) 8.5” pieces
Row H: Cut (4) strips into (1) 30” and (2) 6” pieces
Row I: Cut (2) strips into (1) 35” and (2) 3.5” pieces

Break out the dishes for this bakeshop recipe! Place all of the pieces for one row on a paper plate to keep things organized as you assemble the rows. I recommend labeling the plates to make assembling the top easier.



Row A: Sew 2.5” square to end of each strip. Sew white rectangle between strips to create one long row. Rows B-I: Sew white rectangles to each side of the single sized cut from jelly roll. The remaining two pieces from jelly roll should be the same length and are sewn to the other side of white rectangles.


Sew rows together as shown. (A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-H-G-F-E-D-C-B-A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-H-G-F-E-D-C-B-A)
*I avoid using pins when possible, but I recommend pinning at least the middle and end of each strip to avoid fabric shifting.
For both border fabrics sew (2) pairs of strips together. Cut (1) strip in half and sew to remaining strips. The inner border is 2.5” wide and the outer border is 5” wide.

7/13/2015 Original Recipe can be found at www.modabakeshop.com Recipes are sometimes altered to correct errors. Please ensure that you have downloaded the most recent Printer Friendly Version before starting your project. If you find a mistake in this pattern, please contact modabakeshop@unitednotions.com.
This is an original pattern not intended for sale.

Measure length and width in at least three places (middle and each side), average the measurements (add the 3 measurements together and then divide by 3), and border strips to length. Begin by placing a pin in the middle and at each end and pin every few inches so that fabric is fairly even. Sew long sides first. Press and attach borders to short sides using same method. Repeat for second border.

Quilt and bind as desired. I chose to do an all-over pattern of various sized circles and used the (7)2.5” strips from second border fabric to bind the quilt.

60″ x 70″ Quilt


Click Here For Printable Instructions

By Kymberley Pease {peasinapodcreations.blogspot.com}

For modabakeshop.com


Thrifty Thursday… Thimbleberries Lodge-Woodland Stars


Today’s Thrifty Thursday item is the Thimbleberries Lodge – Woodland Stars – Thimbleberries 2008 Additional Quilt Kit.   The finished quilt measures 44″ x 44″.    This quilt set comes with pattern and all fabrics for the quilt top, binding, and the backing.  Our regular price is $72.00  Our Thrifty Thursday price is only $39.98.  Click Here  to order yours today!  Quantities are limited!

It’s A Race To The Finish, A Jelly Roll Race…


With the heat of summer upon us, we usually look for fun projects to do before the mad rush of the fall when our die hard quilting starts to take over our lives once again.  One such project is a Jelly Roll Race Quilt. The only requirement you need to make this fun and quick lap size quilt is a Jelly Roll.  What is a Jelly Roll you may ask?  Well it belongs to the pre-cut family of fabrics.  It consists of 40 strips of fabric that measure 2 1/2 inches wide by approximately 42 inches in length.  All the fabrics will co-ordinate with each other as they will be from the same fabric line.  You sew all the strips together to make one continuous long strip.  Then the race begins, sewing and cutting. Sewing the ends together and cutting the strip in half repeatedly until you have a finished quilt top.  You can have your quilt top finished in less than an hour easy.  Click Here to see a listing of  our Jelly Rolls to choose from to make your own Jelly Roll Race Quilt.  Click Here to purchase the kit featured in this post.  For the free pattern Click Here