How Quilters Hide Their Fabric

Buying fabric online is great!  I just wish Hamels could guarantee delivery at a time my husband isn’t home!


Quilting Connie loves that there are so many ways to buy fabric.  Running to the quilt shop and having to sneak fabric in the home is now a thing of the past when you order online.  However that daunting challenge of hiding your fabric stash still remains.  Well thanks to the vast experience Quilting Connie has gained on this topic, we have consulted with her to share a few. Be sure to watch the hilarious video below Quilting Connie’s quick tips for even more suggestions.  Send us a comment with your tip!  We would love to hear from you, and remember you can always order online at  Please Note:  Absent husbands delivery time cannot be guaranteed.

Quilting Connie’s Quick Tips To Hide The Fabric

1.  Hide fabric under the mattress of your bed.

2.  Guest suite bathtub. Note: Be sure to close shower curtain.

3.  Remove foam from pillows and stuff with fat quarters.

4.  Plastic food saver machines work great to shrink fabric.

5.  Hide fabric on hangers under shirts.

6.  Folded yardage can be placed under area rugs.

7.  Laundry hampers are a waste of space with clothes, they are great for fabric.

8.  Remove spare tire in trunk of car.  Leave this space available for emergency stashing.

9.  Remove food from Tupperware containers in the pantry and replace with fabric.

10.  For even more tips, watch this hilarious video!

And for those male quilters out there….Old-Man-on-Computer

we sympathize with you as well……….


Tuesday’s Tip With Terry… Straight Talk


Today’s tip is “Straight Talk” about your sewing machine.  Often we look for tips and tricks to help us make our quilting projects  look better and save us time.  However, it is just as important to know some tips and tricks about one of the most important tools we use for quilting.  That tool is our sewing machine.  It is very important to maintain your sewing machine with preventative maintenance, just like your car.  Today I want to share with you a little tip that you can do at home that is a great preventative measure that can save your sewing machine down time as well as the cost of sewing machine repairs.

Quilters have specific sewing requirements.  Straight stitching and accurate 1/4″ piecing. That means, unlike garment sewing, quilters will use only the straight stitch on their sewing machines.  There is no need to use fancy decorative, overlock, zig zag, or any of the other hundreds of stitch options we have. Therefore  our sewing machines stay locked on a straight stitch position.  Today’s tip is a simple little procedure.  If you are an avid sewist, once a week, sew a line or two of a zig zag stitch. If you don’t sew as regularly, do this procedure every couple of months. A zig zag stitch moves your needle side to side as a straight stitch keeps your needle stationary.  When we only use a straight stitch, your sewing machine does not get an opportunity to access all the other moving parts your machine has for stitching.  Sewing a zig zag stitch from time to time, keeps all those moving parts and gears lubricated, (especially for mechanical sewing machines).  This simple action will assist in the prevention of problems associated with the sewing machine’s moving parts.  So remember to shake up your stitching a bit from time to time.