Piecing Batting The No Sew Way


No need to sew batting edges together anymore, you can fuse it. Developed specifically to fuse batting together, to enlarge or reinforce. This 15 yd x 1-1/2” wide cloth tape allows batting edges to be fused together with a soft fuse that stretches. It eliminates hand or machine stitching when extra batting pieces are needed to fit a specific project. Can be used on any type batting. Does not shrink or bulk with washing.  Click Here to order.  Be sure to watch the video below for a full tutorial.

Thrifty Thursday…Premium Heirloom Cotton Batting


This weeks “Thrifty Thursday” is a Premium cotton-blended batting roll that uses very clean unbleached cotton with polyester. Batting is lightly needle punched and lightly resin bonded. Can be quilted up to 4” apart. 80% cotton, 20% polyester. 96″ wide, 30 yd Roll (27.4 meters).  We are featuring an extreme special on this complete roll.  Our regular price is $265.00 per roll.  Our Thrifty Thursday Price is only $218.00 per roll.  Click Here to order your roll today!.

Please Note:  This item is exempt from free shipping due to the extreme special pricing.

Come Visit The Neighbourhood.


Next time when you come by Hamel’s to shop, why not visit the people in our neighbourhood.  There are a lot of interesting specialty shops and farms to check out.  Join us throughout the year for the very popular self-guided Circle Farm Tour! You’ll find a terrific variety of high-quality stops on this tour of local agricultural businesses including an Organic grain mill, hand-crafted soaps, pottery, honey, cheese, a corn maze, alpacas, gardens, and much more! Five other nearby communities also have Circle Farm Tours – check us ALL out over the course of the year (but we think Chilliwack’s Tour is the best, of course!!!) Download a tour map and guide for directions to all the other great stops on our Chilliwack Circle Farm Tour, or the other tours in Agassiz, Abbotsford, Langley, Mission and Maple Ridge

Tuesday’s Tip With Terry … Fabric Shopping Tip

imagesHave you ever been shopping, auditioning your fabrics and made your choices for the next project you are about to embark on, only to get back home to forget what fabric goes with what part of your quilt pattern.  This happens to the best of us.  Well here is a quick little tip that will serve two purposes.  When you go shopping, take along a pencil and masking tape.  As each fabric is cut write on the masking tape specifically where that fabric is used in your quilt project.  Then attach that piece of tape to the fabric that was cut.  Masking tape will adhere to the fabric unlike post it notes, scotch tape or pinned paper.  This will also assist you after cutting your fabric pieces out.  The masking tape can then be placed on the sections you cut out for your quilt pattern to avoid confusion knowing what your cut pieces are.