Thrifty Thursday….Garden China

Today’s *Thrifty Thursday item is the Garden China pattern designed by Susan J. Jensen of Quilted Escapes.

This lovely table topper is reminiscent of long ago china that Susan’s mother used on very special occasions! Approximate finished size 40″ x 40″.

Our regular price is $11.95.  Our Thrifty Thursday price is only $5.98Click Here to order yours today!

*Thrifty Thursday items are final sale and may not be returned or refunded.

Tuesday Tip: What’s the Difference between Flannelette and Flannel?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between flannelette and flannel? To many of us, the terms are used interchangeably. However, within the quilt shop, we distinguish the two into three basic types of cotton fabrics. Here’s the definition for each:

1. Flannel – This is a cotton woven fabric that is brushed (to make is soft and fuzzy) on one or both sides. It comes off a bolt at about $17.98 (Cdn.) per metre and is often called quilter’s flannel. Since it’s printed on finer cotton wovens before napping, prints can be more detailed. It can be used to make shirts, sleepwear and quilts. The right side of flannel feels sueded and the back side may or may not be napped. Examples of flannel:  Woolies Flannel by Maywood Studio and Moda’s Wool and Needle Collections. The recent Farmhouse Flannels are of exceptional good quality “flannel”.

2. Yarn Dyed Flannel – Made with flannelled (fuzzy) multicoloured yarns in plaids, ginghams or stripes. Yarn Dyed Flannel usually has a lower fuzz-factor than flanelette making it more suitable for shirts, lounge pants, sheets and jacket linings. Sometimes, they are called “homespuns”. Many country and/or primitive styled quilts use yarn-dyed flannel for piecing and appliqué. Yarn Dyed fabric can be used to make lovely rag quilts because it frays nicely.

3.  Flannelette (or Flette in the trade) – Woven with flannelled yarns. This is the “low-end” soft and fuzzy flannel and sells for about $10 per metre. It is very practical and affordable for pyjamas, pillowcases, rag quilts, diapers and sheets. Flannelette is very basic fabric and serves a purpose for utilitarian projects. However, a quilt with flannelette will not hold up to everyday use and washing like a true flannel. Flannelette in a quilt will never last to become an heirloom; it is not designed to.

Hope this helps clarify the terminology for you as you select those soft fabrics for your fall and winter quilting.

Happy stitching!

Thrifty Thursday….Tree of Life

Today’s *Thrifty Thursday item is the Tree of Life pattern designed by Lydia Quigley The Rabbit Factory.

Express the joy of life with the delightful applique quilt that celebrate’s Nature’s bounty with a variety of applique flowers, fruits, birds, bugs and animals. Approximate finished size 49 1/2″ x 53 1/2″. Directions include freezer paper applique techniques and rotary cut easy to piece borders.

Our regular price is $14.00.  Our Thrifty Thursday price is only $7.00Click Here to order yours today!

*Thrifty Thursday items are final sale and may not be returned or refunded.

Thrifty Thursday….Over the Hedge

Today’s *Thrifty Thursday item is the Over the Hedge pattern by Shania Sunga.

Choose your colours and create your own look by changing the blocks and applique images. This pattern includes both leaf and flower applique images.

Our regular price is $10.98.  Our Thrifty Thursday price is only $5.49. Click Here to order yours today!

*Thrifty Thursday items are final sale and may not be returned or refunded.

Tuesday Tip: Tuscany Silk Battings from Hobbs

Tuscany Silk batting is supple, soft and drapes like no other batting. The luxurious feel is ideal for both quilts and garments. Silk has the natural ability to breath, making it an excellent choice for airy, lightweight quilts and coverlets. It provides excellent warmth with very little weight. Perhaps you are making a really special quilt that needs a luxurious batting as you sandwich your top and backing. This could be the batting you are looking for!

Available Sizes:
45″ × 60″ Crib,                                                                                                                60″ × 60″ Throw,                                                                                                            72″ × 96″ Twin,                                                                                                                81″ × 96″ Full,                                                                                                                 96″ × 108″ Queen,                                                                                                         120″ × 120″ King,
96″ x 30 yds. Roll

This Tuscany batting is a blend of 90% very fine imported silk filaments and 10% fine polyester. It is carded and resin bonded to help retard bearding and fiber migration. Unlike other silk battings, it need not be handled with gloves or encased in cheesecloth. It quilts magnificently by hand or machine.

For best results, we suggest that you hand wash your quilts/garments in cool water and dry them flat. If you prefer to wash by machine, do so with caution. You may experience shrinkage of 3-5% and it may be quilted up to 4” apart.

We recommend that the quilt maker spend some time learning about this product before using it on a major project. Make samples using this batting to see how it launders and how it needles, both by hand and by machine, so that you can obtain the look you want in your final project.

Here’s a video from the folks at Hobbs explaining Tuscany Silk Batting:

Happy stitching!