It’s Super Stitcher Weekend!

Super Stitcher Saturday

It is that time again.  Super Stitcher Weekend is here!  Hamels Fabrics offers this sale every month.  It’s a great time to stock up on all that fabric you need for those upcoming projects.  Super Stitcher Weekend is the first weekend of every month.  Be sure to sign up to our weekly newsletter to keep up to date of new items and a you will receive a friendly reminder each time Super Stitcher Weekend is approaching.

Tuesday’s Tip With Terry… Squaring Up An Irregular Shaped Block


If you have blocks that are slightly irregular in shape  and not a perfect square, here’s a way to press them so they will be square.  Cut a square of freezer paper the size of the unfinished block is supposed to be.  Press it onto the ironing board cover.  Pin one of the sewn blocks to the ironing board cover, exactly matching its edges with the corners and edges of the freezer paper.  Steam the block, letting it fully dry before unpinning it.

Get Free Tickets For Creative Stitches $ Crafting Alive

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Want to receive free 2 for 1 tickets to Creative Stitches & Crafting Alive show in Victoria!  You have two opportunities to receive your tickets through the mail.  Either sign up to our blog to receive updates, or send us a picture of one of your projects that we can feature for “Sew and Tell”.  You can email your pictures to  Be sure to include your name and any other information you would like us to feature.