Thrifty Thursday…Heaven and Nature Sing!


Today’s Thrifty Thursday item is the “Heaven and Nature Sing”  full kit.  The finished quilt measures 60.5″ x 58.5″.    This quilt set comes with patterns, fabric and all the embellishments.  Our regular price is $325.00.  Our Thrifty Thursday price is only $275.00 . Click Here to order yours today!

Tuesday’s Tip With Terry… Chain Piecing = Chain Cutting


Here is a great little tip to speed up your sewing.  Chain sewing pieces save a lot of time.  The only task left after chain sewing is to snip or cut your threads.  This weeks tips will have you clipping those threads in no time flat.  Take a small seam ripper, (the one that came with your sewing machine is perfect), and insert the handle into the hole of a spool of thread.  To clip your chain of sewn pieces apart, simply position the threads between units across the seam ripper.  Just like that, the units are cut apart.  Continue in this manner until all your units have been separated.