Tuesdays Tip With Terry…No More Slipping

170157_zHave you ever struggled with your ruler slipping over your fabric when you are cutting?  This problem creates a real issue when you piece your fabric together.  One of the key principles for successful quilting is accurate piecing.  When your ruler slips while cutting this is not possible.  One great way to avoid this happening is a nifty little notion called True Grips Non-Slip Adhesive Rings. They adhere to your ruler creating a small non slip surface by gripping the fabric.  No more slipping.  Click Here to order yours.

How Quilters Hide Their Fabric

Buying fabric online is great!  I just wish Hamels could guarantee delivery at a time my husband isn’t home!


Quilting Connie loves that there are so many ways to buy fabric.  Running to the quilt shop and having to sneak fabric in the home is now a thing of the past when you order online.  However that daunting challenge of hiding your fabric stash still remains.  Well thanks to the vast experience Quilting Connie has gained on this topic, we have consulted with her to share a few. Be sure to watch the hilarious video below Quilting Connie’s quick tips for even more suggestions.  Send us a comment with your tip!  We would love to hear from you, and remember you can always order online at www.hamelsfabrics.com.  Please Note:  Absent husbands delivery time cannot be guaranteed.

Quilting Connie’s Quick Tips To Hide The Fabric

1.  Hide fabric under the mattress of your bed.

2.  Guest suite bathtub. Note: Be sure to close shower curtain.

3.  Remove foam from pillows and stuff with fat quarters.

4.  Plastic food saver machines work great to shrink fabric.

5.  Hide fabric on hangers under shirts.

6.  Folded yardage can be placed under area rugs.

7.  Laundry hampers are a waste of space with clothes, they are great for fabric.

8.  Remove spare tire in trunk of car.  Leave this space available for emergency stashing.

9.  Remove food from Tupperware containers in the pantry and replace with fabric.

10.  For even more tips, watch this hilarious video!

And for those male quilters out there….Old-Man-on-Computer

we sympathize with you as well……….