Annual Hamel-Lite Gathering

dessert table

This was only half of the desserts

Yesterday we had our annual Hamel-Lite pot luck gathering. Traditionally this is a Christmas get together but due to the busyness of the holiday season we postponed this years event to January.  The feel was a mixture of both a Christmas and Ukrainian Christmas combined so we feasted well. Food consisted of the customary turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberries as well as borscht, perogies and a myriad of delicious side dishes and desserts. Some of the photos aren’t crisp as the lighting wasn’t ideal but I think you’ll get the feel of the evening regardless.

Linda's homemade dessert

Linda’s homemade dessert

There was a selection of activities as well. For “Hexi Salad” we had to guess the number of hexi’s in the salad bowl. Denise made the hexi’s and turns out there were 1600+ in the bowl.Hexy salad

We played games like “Toss the Fat Quarter” which had the player throwing a fat quarter and aiming to have it land in a bowl. If one succeeded the FQ was your reward.

Heather hoping to land a fat quarter

Heather hoping to land a fat quarter

FQ Toss

Janet, Brenda L and Jock taking a crack at it

On top of our yearly “Dirty Santa” gift game we also did a white elephant gift swap which brought a lot of laughs. Here are a few below…

Some prizes

The iron boar was a coveted piece that evening

TP guy

The TP butler was also very popular

Linda May

Snorkeling anyone?

Linda May and Rod

Rod and Lina May model their gifts like the good sports they are


Kris received a pair of balls

We had a great time and look forward to next years gathering.


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