Thrifty Thursday….Lakeside Flannel

Today’s *Thrifty Thursday item is our Lakeside Flannel Quilt Kit.

Fall Impressions Flannel Fabrics by Holly Taylor for Moda make up this cozy quilt in a wildlife theme using a pattern designed by Coach House Designs.  

Kit includes all the fabrics for the top and binding plus pattern. Quilt measures approx. 52″ by 68″ when complete.

Our regular price is $129.98. Today’s Thrifty Thursday price is $79.98. Click Lakeside Flannel to order yours today! SOLD OUT

*Thrifty Thursday items are final sale and may not be returned or refunded.

Tuesday Tip: Odif 202 Spray – No Pin Adhesive

  • 202 Spray & Fix for Patterns is a temporary adhesive for paper patterns. It eliminates pinning and is outstanding for applique, dress and fashion patterns. The adhesive stays on the pattern and does not transfer to the fabric. Paper patterns are dry after peeling from the fabric and can be folded and stored away again.
  • Heat reactivates the dried adhesive, simply re-apply pattern to fabric with a warm iron. Use for sewing, applique, quilting and crafts! It is colorless, stainless, spotless, does not gum up scissors, and is acid free.

Here is a video of this product in action:

Happy sewing!

Tuesday Tip: Sew Clean Spot and Stain Remover

“Sew Clean” is an all natural fabric spot and stain remover. It uses nature’s now citrus extract with a fresh orange scent to remove stains–the all natural way!

Whether your priceless quilt was made by you or someone else, pamper it with Sew Clean. It is great for quilts, wall hangings and wearables. This all natural cleaner is biodegradable, non-toxic and has not butyl or harsh alkalies.

Sew Clean removes ballpoint pen ink, pencil and crayon marks, lipstick and makeup, fingerprints, blood, grass stains, oil and grease, rust stains, coffee and soft drinks, chewing gum… and a lot more!

Use Sew Clean in your crafting area and around the house. It cleans glass, ceramic tile, plastics, painted surfaces, synthetic countertops, vinyl wall coverings, carpet, fibreglass and much more. It also removes adhesive gums!

Directions for use:

Spot & Stain Remover: Spray the stain and use a dampened cloth to gently blot out the stain. If water stain appears, machine or hand wash the entire garment or project. Use a cotton swab dipped in Sew Clean for tiny spots or delicate fabrics.

Laundry pre-spotter: Spray the stain and let set 2 to 3 minutes. Place in washer or hand wash.

Household stains: Just spray it on and wipe it off! On tough stains, let stand 2 to 3 minutes.

Always test the colourfastness of the item in an inconspicuous area before using Sew Clean.

Caution: May irritate eyes. In case of contact, flush with cool water for at least 15 minutes. Keep out of reach of children.

Tuesday Tip: Fine Crochet Hook for Stray Threads

Have you ever discovered a dark thread showing through a light section on your quilt top? After your quilt has been sandwiched and stitched together, it can seem almost impossible to remove a stray unwanted thread from inside of your quilt. The thread might show up like an unsightly varicose vein.

Well there’s a tool that can fix this issue without invasive surgery on your beloved quilt. It’s called a Bohin Fine Crochet Hook for Repairs. This tool has a very fine end to it and can be inserted through your fabric or a seam and help you with the extraction of random threads. 

Here, check out this video that demonstrates how the Bohin Fine Crochet Hook performs:

Now wouldn’t this Bohin Fine Crochet Hook be handy? We are also thinking that this hook would also be useful for repairing snags in sweaters and other knitted garments. Check out this Bohin Fine Crochet Hook in our store or via our website.

Happy stitching!



Tuesday Tip: Sew a “Village” Quilt

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

Helen Keller knew about challenges, and how to overcome them.  With the uncertainty that is now part of our daily lives, we are coming together to draw strength from each other, and to find comfort in knowing we are not alone.  

Carrie Nelson designed this quilt and she works for Moda Fabrics. She is sharing one of her popular quilt patterns called “Village”. It is available as a free PDF download for all of us to access. It can be made using your scraps or check out our website to order Moda Charm packs.  

One quilter made a dramatic version with a dark background depicting a Village at night. 

We hope you will enjoy sewing your own Village as you stay in good health at home. Send us pictures of your project using this pattern and let us know how your Village is looking.