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Misty Fuse – Fuse with Advantage

For a long time now, we have had “Misty Fuse” available here at Hamels. Rolls and packages of this  ultra-fine fusible web have languished on the shelf and not too many quilters have discovered it. I took some home last week and started working with it and my, my, what a great fusible web it is!

Misty Fuse is an environmentally friendly product and the ultra-fine web stays soft and pliable in appliqués on quilting projects without adding bulk. It’s easy to handle, solvent-free and does not gum up your needle as you sew with it.

Although there is no paper attached to Misty Fuse when you purchase it, the Goddess sheet makes application a breeze and you can barely feel it on the backside of your appliqué pieces.

Here’s a video from the folks at Misty Fuse demonstrating how it works.

To order Misty Fuse and the Goddess Sheet  please look for them on the Hamels website, or come visit us in the store.

Sewing Machine Needles – What Size Do you Need?

Now that we are well into September, many sewers and quilters are excited about sewing their projects. Having the correct machine needle for your project is SO important and we want to share a short video with you about sewing machine needles.



At the store, we feature Schmetz sewing machine needles. Here are three quick things to remember when considering machine needles:

1. Match the size of the needle to the thread you are sewing with for best results.

2. The larger number, the larger the needle.

3. A new needle is the easiest and cheapest way to improve stitches.

Click HERE to watch the video.


Tuesday Tip….Pineapple Tool

Have you noticed lately, that the “pineapple block” is making a comeback? This block is a great scrap or stash buster and there are so many colour combinations. Since Colonial times, the pineapple has been known as a symbol of hospitality.


In the video below, the lovely Jean Ann Wright demonstrates how to use the Creative Grids pineapple trim tool. Create perfect 6; 8; or 10 inch finished Pineapple blocks by squaring up each round of strips as they are sewn. Since each round of strips is squared up before the next set is added, the blocks are perfectly square. The cutting requirements for the center square and the strips are printed right on the ruler.

The template slides easily over the fabric until pressure is applied. This ruler features an exclusive gripper to hold the fabric in place while cutting, eliminating slipping and miss-cuts!

The Pineapple Trim tool is available to order from our website or check with a staff member to order this ruler when you come into the store on your next visit.

Also, there is a a “mini” pineapple trim tool available to create perfect 4″, 5″ or 6″ finished Pineapple blocks.

We would love to see your pineapple quilts. Feel free to send us a picture of your quilt using this beloved classic pattern.




Sleigh Bell Trio – Three Table Runners = one kit!


Currently, we are making up samples of the three table runners included in our “Sleigh Bell Trio” kit. This kit Hamels is offering features the original “Blue Barn” fabrics from Laundry Basket Quilts. In the video below, Edyta Sitar does a really good job explaining how to make the “Pines” runner from the kit. The laser cut “Silhouettes” make the snowflakes easy to add onto the background.

Order your kit HERE and don’t delay as there are limited quantities left of this this kit.




The pattern is also available by clicking on the image below.