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Tuesday Tip….How to Spray-Baste a Quilt


Spray baste is a temporary adhesive designed to work with fabric. It spreads from a can and can be washed out. We like to recommend 505 Spray and Fix to spray-baste quilts. It’s acid free and won’t gum up your sewing machine needle. This product comes in two sizes of cans: 6.22 oz and 12.4 oz.

We are confident that a small can of 505 Spray will give you more than enough for one large quilt or a bunch of small projects such as table runners, baby quilts, etc. The larger can of 505 Spray will ensure that you have enough product to baste several large projects and will last a long time if you are prolific quilter! Remember that you don’t need to spray this product liberally. A light hand goes further than you think with this product.

Five reasons to choose spray baste:

1. It takes minutes to baste even a king-size quilt.

2. The adhesive from 505 Spray lasts, you only need reactivate it with a steam iron.

3. It’s reposition able so that if you experience a pucker in your quilt sandwich (combination of top, batting and backing) , you can lift and re-smooth the sandwich.

4. You can let your quilt sandwich sit after it’s been spray basted and you don’t have to worry about the adhesive wearing off.

5. It provides the best possible surface for machine quilting because every part of the sandwich has evenly adhered to itself.

How to use 505 Spray Adhesive in Seven Steps:

Step 1: Set yourself up in a well ventilated room to work in. Some quilters like to use the floor of their sewing studio while others set up folding banquet tables in a garage and leave the garage door open. Just make sure that there’s fresh air coming around you as you work. If you’re sensitive to the smell of the spray baste, use a face mask.

Step 2: Lay your batting on your firm surface and smooth it out.

Step 3: Layer your backing wrong side down on top of your batting, smoothing it out as you go. When both of these layers (batting and backing) are smoothed out, peel the backing back onto itself. This exposes half of the batting.

Step 4: Holding the 505 Spray baste can about 12 inches above the batting and with a light touch, spray the exposed batting quickly and evenly.

Step 5: Carefully and slowly smooth the backing onto the batting working from the centre middle outwards to the sides and corners. When done, repeat Steps 3 and 4 with the other half of your quilt batting and backing.

Step 6: Once backing and batting are bonded together with spray, carefully lay the quilt top, wrong-side down onto the batting. Again make sure that the seams are into place before spraying. It’s crucial to have your top and backing pressed really well before starting this whole sandwiching process in order to have your quilt lay flat and smooth once the layers are stuck together.

Step 7: When you’re done with the sandwich, take the whole thing to your ironing board (backing, batting and top). Iron the entire sandwich from the centre outward with a hot steam iron. This “sets” the fabric in place and makes the adhesive adhere well.

Hint: Many times if the project is medium sized or smaller, I perform this sandwiching process using 505 spray and steps 1-7 right on my ironing board.

Here’s a quick video to watch this product in action:



Tuesday Tip: Sew Straight!

sew straight

Save time with Sew Straight by sewing unmarked diagonal lines for blocks such as snowball or triangle squares. Accurately sew bias seams for binding in a jiffy! Sew perfect 1/4in seams! There are countless ways to use Sew Straight!

This new grid attaches to the bed of your sewing machine with re-stickable tabs that are included with this product. The double-sided adhesive strips can be stuck on your sewing machine bed again and again. They remove cleanly and easily so as to not damage the surface.

To use the “Sew Straight”, you plan and position it so that the bold centre straight line lines up with the machine needle set to centre needle position. Line up the bold straight line on Sew Straight with centred needle at the end of feed dogs. Press the Sew Straight into place with the stickies on the bottom against the bed of your machine. Don’t fret if this sounds confusing, a complete colour instruction brochure comes with this product!

* No Key Needed
* Sewing on Unmarked Diagonal Line
* Sewing Miter
* Sewing Accurate 1/4in Seams
* Sewing Bias Seams for Binding
* Sewing Diagonal Lines for Pieced Squares

Tuesday Tip….Wonder Clips are Wonderful!

wonder clips

When the time comes to turn your binding and hand stitch it to the back side of your quilt, we highly recommend “Wonder Clips” to hold the binding in place as you stitch. Since their introduction primarily for seam binding on quilts, they have been adopted by crafters, beaders, scrapbookers, card makers and every craft where a third hand is needed to hold something down, together or in place. They make a great gift for any crafter or home sewer. They come in various sizes and the 10 pack is our most popular item, however we have the other sizes available as well.

Wonder Clips are perhaps the most versatile and useful sewing tool ever devised. For years sewers have used binder clips, hair pins or even clothes pins for any number of sewing applications where an alternative to pins is desired. The Wonder Clip, designed and manufactured by Clover, is the first clip developed specifically for the needs of today’s sewers, quilters, crafters and beaders.

What does it do? – We are still counting! We’ll let you know when people stop finding new uses.

Sewing – Wonder Clips are a natural for holding together layered sections of fabric during the sewing process. Quilt bindings, hems, piping, seams, etc., all can be held securely in place while sewing. Unlike pins, Wonder Clips do not leave holes in leather, delicate or vinyl/laminate type fabrics. You can easily position appliqué or hold patterns in place while marking or cutting and avoid puckering issues caused by using pins on some fabrics.

Knitting and Crochet – Wonder Clips are a real boon to knitters who are always joining their work at seams . . . side seams, sleeve insertion, sleeve seams etc. For those who crochet life just got a whole lot easier too. Clip all of your intermediate sections together in organized groups until you are ready to join them and then use the Wonder Clips to hold sections together while you attach. If you are beading with your crochet the Wonder Clip can be used to position the beads away from your work until they are needed.

Crafts and Beading – Wonder Clips are like having a “third hand”. They are strong enough to hold virtually any sewing, art, or general craft materials in position while you glue, sew, paint, tie, staple, embellish, dry, or carve . . . whatever is required to create your masterpiece.

wonder clips 2


Variegated Cotton Thread

Have you ever wondered just what colour thread to machine quilt with? If your quilt has a few colours in it then perhaps you want to audition a cotton variegated thread to bring your project to the finale. Check out the option of using variegated cotton thread when fabrics are different ranges of the same colour, or when there are so many colours in your quilt top that your’e not sure what color thread to use.

signature green variegated

  • Choose either a variegated thread that will contrast with most of the top’s color(s) or will blend with all of them.
  • Choose quilting designs with as little backtracking as possible
  • Look for subtle tone on tone threads for a unifying effect.
  • Use a bobbin thread that matches the dominant colors of the thread, or the dominant color of the top’s fabric(s).
  • Install a “metallic” needle in your machine when using variegated thread as it will feed better.


Signature thread has several nice colours of variegated cotton thread available through our store. Signature 40wt Variegated Cotton Thread is a 3 ply 40wt 100% cotton thread with excellent sewability at high-speeds. Signature 40wt Cotton Thread performs well on both long arm and home quilting machines. Ideal for providing dimension, texture and visual interest. We also carry Mettler and YLI variegated threads to choose from for machine quilting.  Happy quilting!



machine quilt variegated