Birthday for the Boss

PS and her quilt

Last week was Pauline’s birthday. We don’t let a birthday pass around here without notice, especially when it’s the boss’s birthday.  Heather was really on the ball this year and organized a group project to present to Pauline for her birthday. What do you get for a quilt shop owner that has everything? A quilt featuring her fur babies of course.

The quilt is made using Bunny Hill Designs Doxie Dog pattern. Everyone had free reign to use whatever technique they liked so this project includes a little bit of everything. Embellishments were added and of course Miss Scout, the shops beloved Pomeranian couldn’t be excluded so she got a block of her own too! Have a look at some of the details below.Doxie Quilt 5 Doxie Quilt 4 Doxie Quilt 3Doxie Quilt 6

Miss Scout was made with some faux fur fabric Linda May had in her stash….just perfect!!Doxie Quilt Scout

Janet stitched up the lovely label for everyone to sign and found the darling Doxie planter as a secondary gift.Doxie Quilt Label Doxie Planter
Of course there was also cake. Here’s to wishing Pauline a great year!




8 thoughts on “Birthday for the Boss

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Pauline. Absolutely love the little wall hanging. I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen you (I think Pincher Creek). I’m still living in Saskatchewan and doing some quilting, but now doing doll clothes. Go to our Facebook page Serendipity Doll Clothes to see what two of my retired friends and I and doing now.

    • Leslie, it was a really great group project that we all enjoyed taking part in. I will be sure to pass your birthday greetings along to Pauline.

  2. I love the wall hanging since dogs are my #1 thing in life, #2 is quilting. House work never gets done since there’s no time left in the day. Happy belated birthday. My birthday was in March also.

    Shirley Egborg

    • Hahaha, I totally understand where you are coming from in regards to housework. It’s important to prioritize the important things in life.
      Happy belated birthday to you Shirley! 🙂

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