Busy Little Elves

We have been really, really busy here at the store. Pauline was busy shopping  with the fabric reps for 2017 arrivals. I must say there are some fantastic fabrics and programs to look forward to in the new year (sneak peek below).

shopping fabric-selections

We recently participated in the Chilliwack Christmas Craft Crawl, a four day event which just happened to fall during our Black Friday sale, can you say double whammy? We also have our Warehouse Clearance Sale which is still happening so be sure to check that out. I think we have done a fine job staying on top of filling orders while simultaneously serving our valued in store customers.

Right as we were catching our breath, this past weekend was our monthly Super Stitcher Weekend Sale which is busy no matter the time of year. As people were stocking up for Christmas sewing the December Super Stitcher seemed a little more exceptional than usual.

We have also been busy adding hundreds of new fabrics to the website which were spilling off the shelves and onto the floor of the storage room. You can always find our newest additions to the website under “New Arrivals” on the left sidebar of the website.fabric-3

Right when we were beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel we got a BIG shipment. A trailer arrived with FOUR skids of fabric late last week. It was like Christmas arrived early, could you hear us squealing?delivery-man


Needless to say we are going to continue to be busy for the remainder of the year but in a good way, because touching fabric all day long can never be a bad thing.

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