Canadian Mystery Quilt Club – Alberta Block

Alberta Block Collage

The third block in the Canadian Mystery Quilt Club is Alberta.   One of three prairie provinces Alberta is known to be one of Canada’s largest agricultural producers and the largest cattle producing province in Canada. Alberta is also a worldwide leading producer of natural gas and oil.

PalominoThe Palomino is front and centre on this block.  Loved throughout history by artists, Royalty and the “Silver Screen” Palominos are recognized by there gold coloured coat and white mane and tail.

southern alberta barn

photo by R. Brazier

With such a strong rural agricultural history there are thousands of historic barns in Alberta, most of which are known only to local farmers and community members. These old endangered barns are full of cultural and architectural interest.


rocky mtns

Phot by Steve Jurvetson

Gracing the background of this block are the Canadian Rockies. A majestic mountain range which runs the full length of the province. A stunning slice of heaven with three of the five national parks in Alberta.

It’s not too late to join the Canadian Mystery Quilt Club.  Get all the details by clicking here.

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