Canadian Mystery Quilt Club – Northwest Territories

NWT Block 5

Today I am going over some of the fun facts from block 5 of the Canadian Mystery Quilt Club. Block 5 is Northwest Territories located north of the 60th parallel.  It is the third largest land mass in Canada but is inhabited by an estimated 44,000 people, only a thousandth of the countries population.


photo from, from Diavik Diamond Mines, Inc.

The world’s longest ice road is located in Northwest Territories; “For most of the year, the world’s longest ice road is a series of lakes strung together by 64 portages. But in winter, this rugged network is transformed into a vital supply route snaking its way across the Barren Lands from Tibbitt Lake, 70 kilometres east of Yellowknife, to Contwoyto Lake, nearly 600 kilometres north, in western Nunavut. Thousands of rigs thread their way along the frozen highway each year, hauling fuel, cement, equipment and supplies to four diamond mines and several exploration sites otherwise accessible only by air.”

polar-bear-mom-cubOne of the most recognized animals of Canada’s North is the Polar Bear. It’s discernible white fur acts a camouflage in the ice and snow of the Arctic. The largest land carnivore in North America
makes Northwest Territories one of it’s homes. In 1970, to celebrate the centennial of the territory, a  polar bear-shaped plate was introduced and is still used today.



This “Land of the Midnight Sun” is an adventure playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Boasting six national parks Northwest Territories is a scenic and adventurous wilderness. Wood Buffalo National Park is the second largest national park in the world…larger than Switzerland. Nahanni National Park Reserve is another notable park which features the South Nahanni River, a spectacular white water river featuring four massive canyons reaching an impressive 1,000 metres in depth.

Northwest Territories, another Canadian gem to add to your list of travel destinations.

If you are looking to join the Canadian Mystery Club program it is not too late to start. You can find all the information on how to join by clicking HERE.

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