Canadian Mystery Quilt Club – Yukon Territory Block

Yukon Collage

Today we are taking a look at block 6 of the Canadian Mystery Quilt Club which is Yukon Territory.

Few places in the world today have been so unchanged over the course of time as has the Yukon. YukonAboriginal people, have survived for thousands of years, hunting and trapping as they always have. The Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 was the Yukon’s high point of population.

The name “Yukon” originated from the Locheux native word “Yuk-un-ah,” meaning “Great River,” referring to the Yukon River that flows across the territory into Alaska.

Yukon’s dry, continental climate results in a wide variety of weather year-round. Humidity is very low, so summers can be hot and dry while the winter coldness is less harsh than in damper climates.

At 483,450 square kilometres (186,661 square miles), the Yukon is larger than California and covers more area than Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands combined. It represents 4.8% of Canada’s total land area.

Mount LoganCanada’s five tallest mountains are in the Yukon, which includes Mount Logan the highest mountain in Canada and the second-highest in North America.

Canoe expeditions down the Yukon River are epic. You’ll appreciate the people; join the vibe of Dawson City and the bustle of Whitehorse. Whitehorse is Yukon’s capital and a major northern hub. It enjoys facilities, services and businesses far beyond the expectation of a city of 30,000. It’s a big little city surrounded by wilderness with the amenities of a much larger destination paired with the friendly demeanour of a close-knit community.Whitehorse

The Alaska Moose that ranges from Alaska to western Yukon is the largest subspecies of moose. MooseAlaska moose inhabit boreal forests and mixed deciduous forests throughout most of Alaska and most of Western Yukon. Like all moose species, the Alaska moose is usually solitary but sometimes will form small herds. Typically, they only come into contact with other moose for mating or competition for mates. During rutting season, in autumn and winter, male Alaska moose become very aggressive and prone to attacking when startled.

The Northern Lights are actually the result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere. Variations in colour are due to the type of gas particles that are colliding. The most common auroral color, a pale yellowish-green, is produced by oxygen molecules located about 60 miles above the earth. Rare, all-red auroras are produced by high-altitude oxygen, at heights of up to 200 miles. Nitrogen produces blue or purplish-red aurora.Northern Lights

It’s not too late to join the Canadian Mystery Quilt Club, you can register HERE. A wallhanging quilt kit is available for the Yukon block by clicking on the image below.Yukon Wall Hanging

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