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Canada Mystery Quilt BlogJuly 1st 2017 we will be celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday!
To commemorate this great event Canadian designer Shania Sunga, known for her appliqué art quilts featuring the landscape and wildlife of Canada has designed a Mystery Quilt which will be revealed in time for the big celebration.  You can register for the Canadian Mystery Quilt program here.

There are 13 blocks in all depticting Canada’s ten provinces and three territories.  The blocks are constructed using a fusible, raw edge appliqué technique using beautiful Cantik Batik fabrics.  A new block will be released every six weeks and the program ends with a finishing kit.

Block one represents New Brunswick with the Hartland Bridge…the world’s longest “kissing bridge” along with the Black-capped chickadee the official bird of New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Block

Are you a snowbird?  Do you have friends or family living south of the border.  Great news for our American neighbours, there is a program available for them too.

Gulf Coast BlockMystery blocks depicting 13 regions of the United States such as the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountains.

The First block represents the Gulf Coast with the surf & wave loving Brown Pelican on a sandy portion of the 1,200 mile long Gulf Coast shoreline.  The Brown Pelican is one of the best known and most prominent birds found in the coastal areas of the southern and western United States.

You can register for the US Mystery program here.

51 thoughts on “Canadian Mystery Quilt Club

    • Hi Rayann, The cost per month is $16.98 plus the finishing kit. If you click on the picture at the top of the post you can get all the cost and ordering details 🙂

  1. I’m sorry – did I miss when this BOM starts? I was just wondering if it starts right away – maybe you could bring the first block to the quilt show in Saskatoon and I could pick it up – so I could get started!!?


    • Hi Diane, Once registered you can certainly pick up your kits in the store. New blocks are released every six weeks rather than monthly so you would be notified when your next block is available for pick up.

  2. I have never done a BOM before so I understand that the pattern is sent to our home address for each block at 6 weeks intervals and a finishing kit at the end. Does the BOM that is sent each 6 weeks contain the pattern and fabric for that Block – what exactly is sent each 6 weeks please.

  3. Kathy-what is the difficulty level of this project? Is it suitable for a fairly new quilter? Are there clear instructions for the applique technique? I’ve done some piecing, but I’m nervous to try applique.
    Tx Jocelyn

    • Hi Jocelyn, I believe The Canadian Mystery Quilt blocks are easy enough for a beginner. If you can trace, cut & press you can do it as it is a fusible applique technique. I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a go if it is a project you would really like to do.

    • Hi Nancy, Currently the pattern are only available with the fabric. We’ve been told the patterns will be released independently in April 2017.

  4. Could we see an overview of all the months? Seeing just the first one doesn’t give me enough to make a decision. i like the concept, but need to see the whole package, and get excited about the project. Bev

    • Hi Beverly, Since it is a “Mystery Quilt” the designer is only releasing a new block every six weeks….it’s part of the fun of this style program. So far we are on the third month.

    • Hi Tracey, With so many fusible webs available it can be confusing to decide which one to use. Beatrice has had great success and happy results using Wonder Under on this project.

  5. How do you finish the applique pieces? machine stitch or free motion around the edges. I have never done a project like this before. Do the kits come with instructions on how to complete the blocks? What kind of scissors should you use to cut the pieces? Thanks.

    • Hi Lynne, This is a raw edge appliqué project which you can either free motion or straight stitch close to the edge of the pieces. Each block comes with instructions on how to complete the block. The quilt assembly instructions will come at the end of the program. Several of the staff here at the shop are making the quilt and Beatrice in particular recommends Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors which you can read about by following this link;

  6. I am late getting into this project but am thinking that this will be great project for Canada’s 150th.
    Can I have all the blocks delivered in one package? And if so, how do I order that? it seems that I can only order 1 block at a time on the order page.

    • Hi Donalda,

      You can have all the available blocks shipped immediately and the remainder as they are released. If you prefer to order online just make a note in the customer shipping notes box that you would like all available block now. Or you can call the store on our toll free line and we can set you up 1-877-774-2635.

  7. I have been getting the blocks for some time now and have really liked all of them up to this week.. It was a large disappointment when I got the block for Quebec. This block just does not seem to fit with the rest of the quilt. Even Ontario was a “country scene” Quebec on the picture is not in the least inspiring.

    • Hi Susan, Sorry to hear you aren’t happy with the latest block. Maybe it will all come together to your liking once the finished product is revealed.

      • I have been very disappointed in started with the Quebec one..I was disappointed in MB, and BC is known for its totem poles so was surprised she did not have one in pattern. SK with a grain elevator and the grain bin sitting beside it..not in SK..ut in field. I am leaving these 2 and gopher out and adding a hawk or pronghorn to mine.

        • It’s too bad you feel that way but glad to hear you are able to add your own interpretation to the project. I do have to say that the Kermode Bear or Spirit Bear is a fantastic representation of British Columbia.

  8. I, too, am really disappointed with the Quebec block. It is has none of the elements shown in the other blocks. I am designing my own to include what will be very noticeably Quebec and it will not have another silver moon.


    • Hi Marcia, That’s too bad. I suppose every place leaves a different impression on each guest who visits it. I imagine this block is a reflection of the impression left on the designer of the mystery quilt. I’m happy to hear you have the skills to create a design which will emulate your representation of Quebec. We would love to see it once complete.

  9. I did not buy my block from you but was totally disappointed in the Quebec block…it does not fit in with the other blocks representing Canada.

  10. I bought the British Columbia mystery quilt block. When you refer to the
    appliqué pressing sheet ,is that part of the package or do we provide it..
    Don’t see it on on colour chart. Can you explain this.
    Karin D

    • Hi Karin,
      A pressing sheet is not included with the blocks as it is an optional supply that can be used in assembling your applique block. There are a number of different types available on the market. Typically they have the same general use. They help protect your iron from the sticky fusible web on the applique pieces and are often transparent to a point. Here in the shop we like to use and recommend The Applique Pressing Sheet found here;

  11. Is the BC block the last block in the series. I was hoping for a block of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa

    • Hi Vera,
      BC is the second last block with Saskatchewan being the last. The Ontario block depicts a Muskoka lakefront scene.

  12. Are there any suggestions for quilting the overall top?
    I was also hoping for some guidance with the raw edge applique ie colour of thread, straight stitch, zigzag,blanket? Someone told me they have done all applique stitching in black. Do you know what the designer did to finish?

    • Hi Sheila,
      We have yet to see a finished top…hopefully soon though.
      We do commonly see raw edge applique stitched with an invisible monofilament thread as well as neutral lightweight cottons thread. I think we would all agree a straight stitch would be the choice on this project due to the detailed cutting of the applique pieces.

  13. I decided to use a straight stitch in matching threads for all pieces. Because I didn’t realize this needed to be done it was a lot of work to get all thirteen panels done at one time. It took several days. All the sashings are on and all the borders and I have basted the quilt sandwich with pins. I still don’t know whether to quilt the entire top which is quite stiff or just the sashings and borders. Can someone help me. I wish the pattern had included more instruction for the money spent.

    • Hello Sheila and thank you for taking part in the Canadian Mystery Program… it was certainly the highlight for us and many others over the past year and a bit.
      A question I would have for you would be are you planning on stitching the quilt yourself or having a longarm person do it for you?
      I have seen a few done by a long armer and they simply do an all over stitch on the entire quilt. This could also be done by your own machine in your home.
      Please let me know if you are stitching it yourself, from Pauline

  14. i am starting late….. looking for 2 more blocks… BC and Sask. I have all others and since being very late hard to find. 🙁

    • Hi Michelle, We have a British Columbia block available but have sold out of Saskatchewan. You can call the store toll free if you would like more information or to order. 1-877-774-2635

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