Canadian Mystery Quilt Club – Nunavut Block

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The second block has just been released for the Canadian Mystery Quilt Club. With each release it’s been exciting to see the reveal of  a unique block from a Canadian Province or Territory. Aside from the sewing aspect it’s also been really interesting to learn about each blocks distinct features and what they depict and represent. With the first block we just introduced the program and barely broached the details of the New Brunswick block. Today I’ll take a more detailed look at the highlights of block number two, Nunavut.

InukshukThe Nunavut block features the Inukshuk and Rock Ptarmigan on a cold and snowy Arctic mountain backdrop showcasing Mount Thor located on Baffin Island, in Nunavut.  The Inukshuk is a stone figure traditionally constructed by the Inuit as a means of communication with humans. They were used as directional markers, memorials and message centres.

The Rock Ptarmigan is the official bird for the territory of Nunavut. It is part of the grouse family and lives in the Arctic year round.  It is covered completely in feathers including its feet which enable them to walk on soft snow without sinking. The Rock Ptarmigan molts several times a year changing its Rock Ptarmigancolouring to blend with its surroundings, camouflaging itself from predators. Therefore it sports a white coat in the winter to match the snow while brown, black, yellow and white in the spring to match the tundra for the spring season.

Mt. Thor located in Auyuittuq National Park is the backdrop of the Nunavut block.  Mt. Thor features the earth’s greatest vertical drop at 1,250 metres with an average angle of 105 degrees making it a popular rock climbing site.

Mount Thor


The Canadian Mystery Quilt program has been tremendously successful and if you are interested in joining we are taking enrollment now for June shipments. Click here for club details.

Canadian Mystery Quilt Blocks and Tuesday Tip

CMQ Alberta Block

A few of the Hamel-lite’s are participating in the Canadian Mystery Quilt program.  Beatrice has been doing a fine job of keeping up to date and on track with each block.  As they are released she diligently and excitedly goes home to return to work after the weekend with her complete block.

Here is a look at her Nunavut block.
Nunavut Block

And more recently she brought in her Alberta block.
Alberta blockClose up of ALBERTAKKBPSS_z

After completing the third in the series (Alberta) she highly recommends a small scissor with a serrated blade. The serrated blade helps prevent fraying which is important on most raw edge appliqué projects. She recommends Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissor in particular as she has had such great success with them. Perfect for cutting out the highly detailed, small and fidgety appliqué pieces. She found the serrated blade and sharp point helpful in the aid of a smooth and precisely cut edge while keeping slipping to a minimum. Because they are small they are also easier to maneuver in all the teeny tiny twists and turns of the designs.

You can read more about the first blocks of the Canadian and U.S. Mystery Quilt Program here.

Canadian Mystery Quilt Club

Canada Mystery Quilt BlogJuly 1st 2017 we will be celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday!
To commemorate this great event Canadian designer Shania Sunga, known for her appliqué art quilts featuring the landscape and wildlife of Canada has designed a Mystery Quilt which will be revealed in time for the big celebration.  You can register for the Canadian Mystery Quilt program here.

There are 13 blocks in all depticting Canada’s ten provinces and three territories.  The blocks are constructed using a fusible, raw edge appliqué technique using beautiful Cantik Batik fabrics.  A new block will be released every six weeks and the program ends with a finishing kit.

Block one represents New Brunswick with the Hartland Bridge…the world’s longest “kissing bridge” along with the Black-capped chickadee the official bird of New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Block

Are you a snowbird?  Do you have friends or family living south of the border.  Great news for our American neighbours, there is a program available for them too.

Gulf Coast BlockMystery blocks depicting 13 regions of the United States such as the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountains.

The First block represents the Gulf Coast with the surf & wave loving Brown Pelican on a sandy portion of the 1,200 mile long Gulf Coast shoreline.  The Brown Pelican is one of the best known and most prominent birds found in the coastal areas of the southern and western United States.

You can register for the US Mystery program here.