Sew Steady Wish Table

Have you seen or heard of Sew Steady Tables? They are a pretty amazing custom sewing machine extension table. You enter the make and model of your sewing machine when ordering and it is cut to the right size for your machine.

Right now we are offering a Wish Table Holiday Package which we have been running for a few weeks. Due to the popularity of this item we have extended the the sale to December 31st, 2018

The Wish Table Holiday Package includes:

  • Wish 22-1/2″ x 25-1/2″ Sew Steady Table Features include: 3 Rounded edges 9″ x 14″ blue compartmentalized notions tray, holes in the table for circle sewing and Circle Sewing Tool.
  • NEW GRID GLIDER is a extremely slick polyester mat that has a 12″x20″printed grid including seam allowances, and degrees to meet all your sewing and quilting needs.
  • 26″ x 26″ Big Travel Bag

The Wish Table is made of the same high-quality acrylic as all the Sew Steady Tables and Inserts. The NEW Wish Table includes several features as requested by quilters and sewers alike:

– 3 beveled edges
– 9″ x 14″ blue compartmentalized notions tray
– Circles Sewing Tool
– Universal Table Grid
– Table Lock

Watch the video below to see how they are installed.

And if you own and love sewing with your old Singer Featherweight then you will love the Classic Featherweight Extension Table.

Inspired by the sewing machine that never goes out of style, the Classic Featherweight Table is made exclusively for the Black and Gold Singer Featherweight 221. Black acrylic is printed with gold details, including a 16″ ruler on the front edge. This 17-3/4″ x 22-1/2″ Table also comes with a bottle of Sew Steady Acrylic Shine.

This would be a wonderful addition to your sewing setup.

Creative Spaces….Joanne

Joannes sewing room 4Recently at the store we were having a conversation about sewing spaces. How big they are, where they are, organization etc. We started discussing how it would be fun to have a tour of sewing rooms. The idea of seeing what a ‘real’ persons sewing space might look like as apposed to designer and showhome spaces might look like formed. The only hold up….no one was willingly ready to show off their space lol!

Lo and behold the following week Joanne came in with photos. She has spent a HUGE amount of time on the weekend reclaiming her space…read this as “it was in such a CREATIVE mess”.

She tells us that besides the usual mess she had feathers all over the floor because she was stuffing a pillow but didn’t get around to immediately cleaning it up. “It looked like I had killed a chicken in my sewing room” she explains and so she had resigned to sewing in her dining room, although this was creating a new mess.

Out came the vacuum and hours of organization. All  her books and magazines are now sorted, her baskets are labelled by colour, backing are ore organized, as is her UFO’s.

“I can actually sew in my sewing room again, imagine that!” she exclaims. During the process she discovered she has 14 unfinished quilt tops, maybe more shhhhhhh!

From the looks of her space she will be whipping out finished projects in no time….if not she’ll be starting new one lol! Regardless, her space is beautiful and she will at least be sewing.  Have a look at her room below.

Joannes sewing room 5Joanne FireplaceJoannes sewing room 3Joannes Collage 2Joannes sewing room 2Joanne Collage 1Joanne Collage 3

Kudos Joanne for putting in the effort and being the first to come forward and show your creative space. Who knows who will be brave enough to show us their space next!

Hamel-Lite’s Outing!

Patchwork Posies
Recently Heather arranged an outing for us Hamel-Lite’s with her friend Cheryl Wall who just happens to be a published quilt designer living just a hop, skip and a jump away. Cheryl graciously invited us for a tour of her home to see her quilts.

Cheryl was raised in a Mennonite home where she became familiar with the rich Mennonite quilting heritage, but it wasn’t until her mid-30s that she tried quilting for herself. She was hooked immediately. Now, with nearly 20 years of experience as a quilter, she has designed more than 100 patterns under the name Country Quilts.

Cheryl gave a private showing to six available Hamels staff members.

Summer Daze Quilt

Summer Daze Quilt

Bumbleberry Pie

Bumbleberry Pie Quilt

In the Night Garden

In the Night Garden Quilt

She’s inspired by rich colours found in Kansas Troubles. Her quilts have primitive themes and some are classic designs with a unique flair. She began her pattern designing years ago with encouragement from her family.

Project on the design wall

Project on the design wall

Cheryl WallCheryl has self published four books and designed more than 100 patterns under her company name Country Quilts.  A member of the Canadian Quilters’ Association, Wall sells her original designs to quilt shops around the world. She actively participates in quilt guild shows, trade shows, and her local quilting group.

The Hamel-Lite’s that were able to make it on the outing had a fabulous and inspiring time.

You can find a collection of Cheryl’s books on the website here.

Tuesday’s Tip With Terry….Mini Design Board


Having a mini design board is the perfect tool for your sewing space. This small and portable design wall can sit next to your sewing machine, avoiding the need to constantly leave your chair and walk over to a larger design wall.  While constructing your quilt blocks, you can affix fabric pieces to the board during your quilt block layout.  Being that it is upright, you can easily see what you are working on.  There is no need to take up space on your sewing surface by laying out fabric pieces that always seem to be shuffled around while you sew.  This mini design board is a must for any quilter that works on mini quilt projects, or create smaller size blocks like those in Civil War quilting.  See how easy this board is to make!

Step One

Cut a piece of board 10 inches square.  I like mine to be approximately 1/2 inch in thickness.  If you are unable to cut your own board, you can purchase pre-cut boards from most home improvement stores.  Most stores will cut these boards down to a custom size.  Cut a square piece of quilter’s flannel 12 inches square.  Position the wood board centre over the quilter’s flannel and wrap the excess around the edges of the board.  Attach theses edges to the back of the board as in the picture below.  You can use a glue gun to this, however I prefer to use staples.


Step Two 

Purchase a stand for your design board.  The best stand I have found is a plate display stand.  These stands are very inexpensive and can be found in most Dollar Stores.  They usually are hinged allowing the stand to fold in half.  This is great as it will make your design board portable to take to a quilting class.


 Step Three

Voila! your are finished.  Now you just need to place the finished design board in your stand and it’s ready to use.  Now you can place your fabric quilt block pieces on the board and they will stay on the flannel.


Sew It’s Time For A Getaway!


What would be better than to get away for a few days and be pampered with great food, treats and sew all day long.  After a productive day, you retire for the night in your classy and cozy accommodations for a peaceful sleep, only to get up the next day and do it all over again.  Mmmm,  sound like a dream?  Surprisingly it’s not.  Thanks to Kate of Sew Fabulous it’s a reality.  You and a group of friends can plan an intimate retreat of your own.  Don’t have a small group?  That’s not a problem for Kate.  What makes Sew Fabulous unique is the ability to attend a retreat on your own,  or with an arranged groups that she has scheduled.   Now is the perfect time to purchase a gift certificate for friends and family to arrange their own retreat. Be sure to click on her flyer below for full details, or click here to visit her site.  Click here for Sew Fabulous’s flyer.