Row by Row Experience 2017

Row Banner

Today is the first fill day of summer. It also marks the first day of the 2017 Row by Row Experience. This year’s theme is “Row by Row On the Go”. This is our third year participating in the program and we are excited as as it grows larger every year. What is the Row by Row Experience and how do you participate?  Follow the link for a full list of FAQ’s HERE

A few frequently asked questions below;

I’m a quilter, how can I participate in Row by Row Experience?
It’s easy! Simply visit any participating 2017 Row by Row quilt shop during the summer and ask for their free pattern for a row in a quilt. The 2017 theme is Row by Row On the Go, and each shop is working with the theme in their row. The shops are happy to give you the pattern at no cost, limit one per person, walk-in customers only.

The shops are all over the U. S. and into Canada. How can I get the row patterns from quilt shops that are far away from me?
You can’t. The shops are offering the pattern only to customers who walk in the door. Please don’t ask them to email or mail their row patterns.

So, is this a shop hop?
Kinda. But there are no fees and no cards to stamp.

Are there prizes? Can I win something?
Yes! With the Row by Row Experience you win a prize for sewing! Complete a quilt using at least 8 different rows from 8 different 2017 participating shops. Be the first to bring it into a shop and you win a stash of 25 fat quarters. (That’s 6-1/4 yards of fabric!) Win a bonus prize for using that store’s row in your quilt.

Click HERE to find all the shops participating in the British Columbia Row by Row Experience, find a handy printable shop list and see all the shops Row quilts. From this link you can also find participating shops from all over Canada and the U.S.

This year our Row block once again features Miss Jersey & Miss Scout our beloved furry Daschund and Pomeranian.  Of course that is Pauline up front in the driver’s seat of the truck toting fabric to the next quilt show.

On the Road to Spring Shows designed by Linda Basuska

On the Road to Spring Shows designed by Linda Basuska

Combine your rows in any way to create a unique quilt that represents the fun you had traveling throughout the summer. Travel with friends, discover new quilt shops and have fun collecting rows!

Travel and collect rows:
June 21 – Sept. 5, 2017

Bring in completed
quilt for prize:
June 21 – Oct. 31, 2017

We hope you will consider taking part as either a new or returning Rower!

Birthday for the Boss

PS and her quilt

Last week was Pauline’s birthday. We don’t let a birthday pass around here without notice, especially when it’s the boss’s birthday.  Heather was really on the ball this year and organized a group project to present to Pauline for her birthday. What do you get for a quilt shop owner that has everything? A quilt featuring her fur babies of course.

The quilt is made using Bunny Hill Designs Doxie Dog pattern. Everyone had free reign to use whatever technique they liked so this project includes a little bit of everything. Embellishments were added and of course Miss Scout, the shops beloved Pomeranian couldn’t be excluded so she got a block of her own too! Have a look at some of the details below.Doxie Quilt 5 Doxie Quilt 4 Doxie Quilt 3Doxie Quilt 6

Miss Scout was made with some faux fur fabric Linda May had in her stash….just perfect!!Doxie Quilt Scout

Janet stitched up the lovely label for everyone to sign and found the darling Doxie planter as a secondary gift.Doxie Quilt Label Doxie Planter
Of course there was also cake. Here’s to wishing Pauline a great year!




Annual Hamel-Lite Gathering

dessert table

This was only half of the desserts

Yesterday we had our annual Hamel-Lite pot luck gathering. Traditionally this is a Christmas get together but due to the busyness of the holiday season we postponed this years event to January.  The feel was a mixture of both a Christmas and Ukrainian Christmas combined so we feasted well. Food consisted of the customary turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberries as well as borscht, perogies and a myriad of delicious side dishes and desserts. Some of the photos aren’t crisp as the lighting wasn’t ideal but I think you’ll get the feel of the evening regardless.

Linda's homemade dessert

Linda’s homemade dessert

There was a selection of activities as well. For “Hexi Salad” we had to guess the number of hexi’s in the salad bowl. Denise made the hexi’s and turns out there were 1600+ in the bowl.Hexy salad

We played games like “Toss the Fat Quarter” which had the player throwing a fat quarter and aiming to have it land in a bowl. If one succeeded the FQ was your reward.

Heather hoping to land a fat quarter

Heather hoping to land a fat quarter

FQ Toss

Janet, Brenda L and Jock taking a crack at it

On top of our yearly “Dirty Santa” gift game we also did a white elephant gift swap which brought a lot of laughs. Here are a few below…

Some prizes

The iron boar was a coveted piece that evening

TP guy

The TP butler was also very popular

Linda May

Snorkeling anyone?

Linda May and Rod

Rod and Lina May model their gifts like the good sports they are


Kris received a pair of balls

We had a great time and look forward to next years gathering.


Busy Little Elves

We have been really, really busy here at the store. Pauline was busy shopping  with the fabric reps for 2017 arrivals. I must say there are some fantastic fabrics and programs to look forward to in the new year (sneak peek below).

shopping fabric-selections

We recently participated in the Chilliwack Christmas Craft Crawl, a four day event which just happened to fall during our Black Friday sale, can you say double whammy? We also have our Warehouse Clearance Sale which is still happening so be sure to check that out. I think we have done a fine job staying on top of filling orders while simultaneously serving our valued in store customers.

Right as we were catching our breath, this past weekend was our monthly Super Stitcher Weekend Sale which is busy no matter the time of year. As people were stocking up for Christmas sewing the December Super Stitcher seemed a little more exceptional than usual.

We have also been busy adding hundreds of new fabrics to the website which were spilling off the shelves and onto the floor of the storage room. You can always find our newest additions to the website under “New Arrivals” on the left sidebar of the website.fabric-3

Right when we were beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel we got a BIG shipment. A trailer arrived with FOUR skids of fabric late last week. It was like Christmas arrived early, could you hear us squealing?delivery-man


Needless to say we are going to continue to be busy for the remainder of the year but in a good way, because touching fabric all day long can never be a bad thing.