14th Annual Christmas Craft Crawl


Once again Hamels Fabrics will be participating the Chilliwack Christmas Craft Crawl. This year it will be held November 25th, 26th & 27th. If you’ve never attended or heard of this event the Craft Crawl is a shopping event which has you visit eight unique local businesses. At each you have a chance to enter for a prize and while you are there receive a stamp in your Craft Crawl passport. Your completed passport is your entry for a grand prize made up of fabulous gifts from each of the Craft Crawl vendors.

You can get more information on each of the participating businesses and the Crawl itself on the website. Don’t forget to visit the Facebook page for a weekly chance to win a gift certificate to spend during the event.

Besides shopping in a relaxed, Christmas atmosphere our Crawl businesses and customers raise funds for a local charity. Together we raised over $1,700 last year. Please consider donating at any of the stops during the Craft Crawl to help Cyrus Centre continue to help the youth in our community.

Below is this years map of businesses and links to their websites;ccc2016map

1. Greendale Herb & Vine | 6386 Chadsey Road | 604.823.4706

2. Rustic Soap Co. | 42537 South Sumas Road | 604.823.4461

3. Willow Creek Vineyard | 5568 Blackburn Road | 604.614.7052

4. Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey | 43476 Adams Road | 604.823.7400

5. Hamels Fabrics | 5843 Lickman Road | 604.846.4350

6. New Moon Tea Co. | 5680 Lickman Road | 604.703.5827

7. Little Beetle Bistro | 44489 South Sumas Road | 604.846.5528

8. Winks.Home.Gifts.Baby | 45657 Stevenson Road | 604.858.7447

Busy, Busy, Busy


Pauline has been a busy lady….busy shopping!

This is a great thing of course. Who doesn’t want more fabric selection? Most of the staff are thrilled to see all the newness whereas as one or two are afraid to even have a peek out of fear of no self control.

The fabric below is in the building but not on the sales floor yet. We have a lot of work ahead of us to get it all processed for you.fabric-3 fabric-2


After that we await the arrival of these skids of fabric…coming-soon

You would think there are zero downsides to this but there is one….figuring out where we are going to put it all?

Needless to say if you don’t see many blog post in the coming weeks it’s because I’m busy helping to get all these fabrics ready for you.

Life with Dogs


Just another ordinary day at the shop. The second you lay out a quilt, big or small the fur babies come running to check it out. I am happy to report that this quilt is Scout & Jersey approved!

CreativFestival Coming Up!


We have great news for those of you who live in the Toronto area and never get to visit our shop out here in the west. Later this month will will be in attendance at the Fall Creativ Festival in Mississauga, Ontario. This is a huge show with loads of creative vendors and ideas to get you inspired to stitch, knit, scrapbook an much, much more.

We’ve got a LOT of stuff on the road headed your way.toronto-goods

The show is scheduled for October 27, 28 and 29. You can get all the information about the show by clicking on Creativ Festival. We hope to meet some new and returning customers while we are there!creativfestival2016

A Modern Day Quilt Story

About a week ago I wrote a blog post about putting quilt labels on the backs of the quilts we finish. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but life has an interesting way of reinforcing these notions. What do I mean? Rewind to last week when Kathy, a co-worker here at the store contacted me about a Facebook post she saw about one of my quilts. Turns out that a quilt which I completed exactly three years ago had been found at the scene of a serious traffic accident earlier that day. Apparently, the accident involved a gentleman who was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island. He was badly injured and was laying on a busy road following the collision. The picture below was taken three years ago when the quilt was first finished and is the same quilt used at the scene of the accident.


The post on Facebook said that a quilt was left behind at the accident scene after the man was treated and sent to hospital. A woman who was present at the scene found the quilt and wanted to return it to the owner. The label displayed my name as the quilter and that the quilt was made for “Abby”. So how could social media make this happen?  Well Kathy saw the posting on her facebook timeline, shared by a friend, tagged by another….recognized my name and contacted me. The post on Facebook said:

“Vancouver area friends…  Anyone recognize these names by chance? This quilt was left behind at the scene of an accident and I’m Trying to find the owner.” (picture of the label on this quilt when it was found following the accident)

lost quilt

When I saw the picture of the quilt, I immediately knew who it belonged to as I recognized my own work. This quilt was one that I made as a gift for a special young lady named Abby who lives in Nanaimo, BC.

The quilt was offered at the accident scene to comfort the injured man. Abby and her Mom were third on the scene after the accident and had used the quilt as a pillow under the injured man’s head. With the ensuing 911 call and flurry of activity to care for the man, the quilt was left at the scene of the accident. Abby and her Mom, Shannon had done what they could and left first responders to tend to the man.

Abby was very upset about leaving her quilt behind, but her mom used this situation to have a conversation about why the quilt had been offered to help the man in his time of need. Abby was comforted by knowing that her quilt had blessed an injured man during this emergency and agreed that it was the right thing to have done due to the circumstances. However, later that night she hoped that somehow she might get her beloved quilt back in her arms again. But how?

Well… a nice woman named, Erika (name changed) picked up the quilt from the accident scene when the first responders realized that the quilt’s owner was no longer there. With all of the craziness at the accident scene, no one noticed where the quilt had even come from. At first, Erika didn’t even notice the names on the quilt but then discovered the label on the back of the quilt. She could tell by looking at it that someone had made it out of love and that it was very special to a girl named “Abby”.

This story has a very happy ending! Contacts were made through social media and this special quilt was reunited with its owner once again. Erika was gracious enough to return this quilt back to Abby and as you can see in the picture, she’s thrilled to have her quilt back once again. What’s next for this quilt? After a deserved wash, this pink quilt is soon going off to summer camp with Abby.  Wow, will she ever have a story to tell her friends!