Sew And Tell….Kris

These pillows were made using a pattern by Australian designer Claire Turpin called Pip & Ellie . You saw her work previously on our Sew and Tell section last year (Hen House). When I saw these birds I just fell in love with them. It was the big eyes, long legs and round bodies that were so appealing. Too cute!

The fabrics used were various for the birds (some from Hamel’s, some were from my stash) and the backgrounds/backing of the pillows were from Hamel’s Tone on Tone Collection and Kona solids (we carry the entire Kona Solids collection as a basic in our store).

The pillows were made as book pillows – a pocket was formed on the back of the pillow as a space for the kids to put a book in. The pillow could then be leaned up against their knees as they were lying down to support the book for reading or used to lie on while reading and then of course, store the book for next time. All of the kids love them. I found directions for making a book pillow on Pinterest and used an 18″ pillow form to stuff them with.

The pillow tops were appliqued as per the pattern with a layer of batting and a backing of muslin so that I could free motion quilt each top to have it look a little different for each child. I made each of the birds a little a different and the backing colours were also different for each one so that they could be distinguished easily. No fighting over whose pillow was whose! My grandchildren………never!¬† ūüėČ



Sew and Tell….Margaret V.

Margaret brought in her completed quilt “Santa’s Village” by Thimblecreek Quilts. ¬†The timing couldn’t be better for this fun and festive quilt. She made it for her sisters daughter-in-law but it will be for next Christmas which means she gets to keep and enjoy it for a better part of a year before sending it on to it’s new home.


She has some great details on here such as the little wreaths on the front doors (a scrapbooking item) and the crystals in the centre of her quilted snowflakes. This was quilted by Phyllis Evanson.

Have a closer look.

Thank you Margaret for sharing your project with us!

Sew and Tell….Chickens

Kris Chickens Quilt

Kris recently finished her Hen House quilt and brought it in to show us before it goes to its new home at her sister’s house.¬† This quilt is so cheerful you can’t help but smile.¬† Here is what Kris had to say;

Pattern is Hen House by Claire Turpin Designs.

Quilt is 55″ x 77″ finished (applique and piecing)

The quilt kit was purchased with my sister (Shellie) in mind, she has lots of rooster and chicken stuff in her house and I knew that this would be a winner. It was funny to listen to her ask if she could use the pattern after I finished with it knowing all the while that the entire quilt was going to be a surprise present for her!

I quilted it myself using my APQS Millenium and choosing to just stipple around the chickens, rooster, hen houses, fox and flowers. They all just popped up off the background doing it that way. Shellie and I put the button eyes on when I gave it to her with fabric glue. I just couldn’t get the embroidery floss to hold them on. We purposely put a large eye on the rooster and he indeed looks like the “Cock of the Walk”! The fox looks smug while he surveys the tasty chickens just waiting for his attention!

She was very surprised and tickled that I had made this quilt for her and it is now hanging in her house on a special curtain rod that she has in her dining area (open to the living room and kitchen). Anyone entering the house can see it while they’re there and has the flexibility of changing out her quilts by using curtain clips. The background colour of the quilt matches her wall paint perfectly and the quilt looks like it was made for that space.Kris Chickens Quilt 6 Kris Chickens Quilt 2 Kris Chickens Quilt 7Kris Chickens Quilt 3 Kris Chickens Quilt 4 Kris Chickens Quilt 5 Kris Chickens Quilt 8

Fabric used is from the Garden Delights Collection by In The Beginning Fabrics. It is lawn fabric and very nice to work with although more pricey than regular cotton. Backing is Storybook Time by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics.

What a luck sister to receive such a gift. Thank you Kris for sharing your project!

Sew and Tell….Minecraft Pillow

Minecraft Pillow

Anyone know a Minecraft fan out there? Here is a great project to whip up as a gift or even better introduce patchwork sewing to child. This Minecraft Creeper pillow is simple, fairly quick and useful.

This pillow was created by my 10 year old son David, with the exception of cutting the squares. I will give simple instructions on how you can make one too!

You will need
4 to 6 – 2″ strips of green fabric
1 – 2″ strip black fabric
.50 approximately of 2″ Quilter’s Grid¬†(8 -10 square grid)Minecraft Pillow 1 cut squares

To start select four to six green solid fabrics and a solid black.¬† I mixed up Kona Cottons and Bella Solids.¬† You won’t need much, only ten or fifteen centimetre strips of each of the green and one strip of black.¬† Begin by cutting one or two 2″ strips of each green colour, only one 2″ strip of black is necessary. Cut an 8 by 8 inch square on the printed line from your Quilter’s Grid (you could also make in 9×9 or more depending what size pillow you want.

Lay¬†the quilter’s grid out glue/textured side up on a large pressing surface (bigger than your piece of quilter’s grid) or a cutting board where you¬†will have the freedom to¬†transfer your laid out¬†design to¬†your ironing board.

Begin laying your squares out (right side up if you have a printed fabric) onto the rough or textured glue side of the quilter’s grid in the Creeper face pattern.¬†You will later press your squares adhering them to the quilter’s grid foundation.Minecraft Pillow 2 Minecraft Pillow 3a Minecraft Pillow 3

Once you are happy with the arrangement straighten out the squares within the lines as best as you can and give them a quick press. **If you used your cutting mat as the base under your project be sure to slide the grid off onto your ironing board BEFORE you press.** Your squares will now be held¬†lightly in place and keep them from shifting or floating off your grid. You may also make any changes or adjustments at this time.¬†When you are satisfied with how everything looks¬†press¬†all the squares down following the manufacture’s instructions.Minecraft Pillow 5 Minecraft Pillow 7 Minecraft Pillow 8

Next, fold your grid right sides together on the first line of one side (David chose to stitch across the face first) and stitch using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Continue to sew each line until you are finished all the lines in the same direction.Minecraft Pillow 8a Minecraft Pillow 10 Minecraft Pillow 11 Minecraft Pillow 11a

Snip to but not through the grid line between each square so that you are able to fold the seams on the lines in opposite directions.Minecraft Pillow 12

Give the seams a press. Each rows seam should lay in the opposite directions to the one next to it as pictured below.Minecraft Pillow 13

Now fold the first row on the fold line (up and down for this pillow) and stitch. The seam allowances are thicker because of the quilter’s grid so be sure to make sure the intersections are not folding the wrong way while stitching. I showed my son how to use the small screwdriver that came with my sewing machine to hold the seam in place while approaching the seam. Make sure to watch that those sneaky seams on the underside don’t flip the wrong way as well.Minecraft Pillow 13a Minecraft Pillow 14

Once you ‘ve sewn all the seams give your Creeper face a good press.

Now use your favourite method to add a back¬†pocket for your pillow or use it as a block for a wallhanging or quilt! Minecraft Pillow 16 FinishedPS- Davis has asked to sew more pillows of his favourite Minecraft characters ūüôā