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Sew and Tell….Rebecca’s Beatle Bag

Rebecca's Beatle BagRebecca came into the store with her Beatle Bag. This is a really neat little sewing tote which could easily be used for make-up, travel, jewellery, or craft storage. She used North Woods fabric by Kate Spain and it is really lovely.  Have a look inside at all the pockets and organization features…Rebecca's Beatle Bag - insideRebecca's Beatle Bag - inside 2

Rebecca made a few small changes from the original pattern to suit her personal needs which is a great benefit to sewing your own projects.

The Beatle Bag pattern comes with 4 plastic inserts and more can be ordered separately so you can make another for a friend like Rebecca is currently doing.

Thank you Rebecca for sharing you project with us!


Sew and Tell….Denise


For today’s Sew and Tell we have another Judy Niemeyer quilt. Denise brought in her finished Prismatic Star which she started when she took a Judy Niemeyer class taught by Maureen Wood here in Chilliwack in the Fall of 2015.

She use lovely shades reminiscent of emeralds and amethysts and sapphires which really stand out on the black “leading” and tanzanite coloured background. The quilting is incredible and was done by Rhonda Kopp of Quilt Munchies in Kamloops, BC. Have a closer look.denise-prismatic-star-1 denise-prismatic-star-2 denise-prismatic-star-3 denise-prismatic-star-4Thanks Denise for sharing with us!


Sew and Tell….Stella


stellas-sunbonnet-sue-quiltEarlier this week I talked about completing unfinished projects. Today’s Sew and Tell is the story of a quilt that is long overdue to be finished.

Stella brought in a quilt, or I should say quilt parts that belonged to her mother Hazel Griggs. Hazel who grew up in Edmonton had a plan to make a family heirloom. Back in 1938 (or around that time) she sent out squares of fabric to good friends and family members and had them hand stitch a Sunbonnet Sue onto the cloth, sign it, date it and send it back.

The stitched portion of the quilt was done on a treadle sewing machine and for reasons Stella is unsure of her mother never finished the quilt. The partly finished quilt top along with the remaining blocks were stored in a trunk for decades. All the block are signed but one and Stella can only guess that this was her mother’s block which she probably intended to sign later on.

Stella has thought about finishing the quilt for quite some time now and will add one more block by stiching a Sunbonnet Sue herself to add to the project. The blocks are in fantastic shape for their age and the colours of both the fabric and ink are amazing. Have a look at the work in progress below.

stellas-yellow-and-black-sue stellas-sunbonnet-suestellas-red-suestellas-sunbonnet-sue-assorted-rowsstellas-blue-suestellas-sunbonnet-sue-assorted-blocksstellas-blue-and-orange-sue


Thank you Stella for sharing your quilt with us!

*Stella would be more than happy to hear from anyone who recognizes any of the names on the quilt.  Please leave a comment should you have any information.