Sew and Tell…Arlana’s Little Quilts

Arlana, one of our very well missed former Hamels-lites was in with a foursome of mini quilts she recently finished.

Pictured below is her Indigo Stars doll quilt made with four inch sawtooth star blocks. The pattern is from the book Jo’s Little Favorites: Timeless Quilts From Scraps and Fat Quarters.

Indigo Stars Doll Quilt copy

Next is a Pam Buda quilt called Little Bits Quilt. This little one finished at 4.5″ x 18.75″ with the courthouse steps block strips measuring a mere 1/4″ when finished.Little Bits Quilt

Next is her 16″ x 21″ Little Strippy quilt made with Jo Morton fabrics for the sashing and border while the rhe stripswere made with various scraps.  This pattern is from the book Jo’s Little Favorites II: A Classic Collection of 15 Small Quilts.Little Strippy quilt

Last, but certainly not least is  this 18.5″ x 24.5″ “Christmas Log Cabin – or Not” quilt also from the book Jo’s Little Favorites: Timeless Quilts From Scraps and Fat Quarters. This mini project features half inch finished logs. She had Rhonda at Quilt Nut Creations quilt this one using a double plume quilt quiltThank you Arlana for sharing your charming little quilts and your lovely photography!

Find the books mentioned in this post by clicking on the images below;B1357T_z      B1401T_z



Sew and Tell….Kris

LambyKris has been doing some stitching for her Grandchildren. Here are her latest as written by Kris herself.

My youngest granddaughter (Mila) asked me to make her a bunny lovey and at the time I only had regular cotton fabric, not any minky or really soft fabric that you’d normally like for a lovey. A lovey in our books is an animal head with a little blanket attached at the neck. I made her one to mimic her original lovey that was store bought and she was very happy with it. The part she was most happy with was the trim I used (very bright flowers all linked together and sewn around the edge of the blanket part). And wouldn’t you know it….her sister (Graci) asked if I could make her one as well and the major attraction was again – the flower trim.

So the order was put in verbally and before I left for home, it was in writing! Please see the attached work order. Graci is 8. I especially love “Flowers on the bottom of her bottom” and “botty”. Apparently this is how 7 and 8 year olds spell body, it’s exactly what it sounds like to them. This is one of those treasures that I’ve scanned so that I can keep it for future enjoyment and reminiscences. I sometimes add them to photobooks that I make for my family so they have the kids’ art as well in a more permanent form.2 frankSo construction began and I decided to use Fireside Polyester for the lovey as it’s nice and soft, not super stretchy and very durable. The pink inside the ears is made out of pink flannel and the eyes are a combination of black sharpie and white wool (samples that I had from a sample pack purchased at a garage sale). The pattern I chose was from Pinterest. It was a Russian? pattern that had only the picture and pattern with no instructions so I had to figure out what the head parts were from looking at the picture and then comparing it to the picture. It came together very easily. I sewed the eyes and nose/mouth before sewing the head pieces together so I could work with a flat surface as opposed to 3D. Made it much easier. I then stuffed the head.

For the blanket I cut two 16″ squares of the Fireside and marked the center on both of them. I then hand sewed the head on to the center of one of the squares. Next step was to attach the second square. I put it right sides together with the head of the sheep in between and pinned from one corner to another. I used a lot of pins so that any stretch in the fabric didn’t impact how the seam came together (the first time I didn’t pin and ended up with one square stretched out to about two inches longer than the other square). I sewed a half inch seam all the way around making sure to leave an opening of about 5 inches on one side to turn. I rounded the corners slightly so that when I trimmed them they would not be so bulky AND they would come to a nice point after being turned inside out. I put my hand inside the square and pulled the head out through the opening. Using my Purple Thang I pushed the corners out so that they were more pointed. At this point you could just topstitch about a ½ inch in but because I had the special request for the flowers, I did my topstitching and flowers in one step. Pinning again, I attached the flower trim and then sewed through all the layers using two rows of topstitching. You could use a twin needle to do this all in one step or just stitch one row, angle over a couple of stitches and stitch your second row. The stitching doesn’t show so you don’t have to cut your threads until you’ve finished both rows.

One of the last steps is tying/stitching the second square in the middle. If you don’t do that the square just drops down like a big sack. I tied it like you would tie a quilt and if you feel up to it you can even tie it so the tied end is under the head and you don’t see the little ends of the thread.

The last step was sewing my “Lambie by Grammie” label on the corner. I had these labels made up by Heirloom Labels years ago for things that I make for other people, especially my grandchildren. My grandson Dryden, looks on everything I give to him to see if the label is there and if it’s not, he makes sure I know about it. It’s not complete until it’s on. Lambie by Grammie was chosen because all of the grandchildren (Dryden, 9; Graci, 8, Eva, 7 and Mila, 6) have always been my lambies, or lamb chops. Love them to bits, I do!!!

Hot on the heels of this little guy were another four requests……..Eva wants a bear to hold, Mila wants a chick, Dryden wants a boxy bear, Graci wants a bear. Did anyone else hear the Christmas carol or is it all in my mind?

Anyway, here’s a picture of Graci’s bear (Eva’s is the same but reversed colours). Boxy bear is crocheted and yet to be done (another pattern from Pinterest) and very 9-year-old boyish and the chick is also from Pinterest (fabric has been purchased and pattern cut out). Pictures to follow!!!!

Bear Bear close upAlso on the list of completed projects is this super sweet bunny baby quilt…

Rabbits Haven Cherished Memories Quilt Kit.

I had this one sitting around for a while. I had bought this kit quite a few years ago at Hamel’s, before I started working there. I had completed the embroidery part of it many years ago but just never got around to finishing it. I think the main reason was that I was never sold on the chenille or sashing that was in the kit. I felt it detracted from very cute bunny pictures that I had embroidered. So it sat in my UFO’s for years.

One of our customers came in with a Rabbits Haven project that she had completed and she had used 2 ½ squares (mini charms) sewn together to create the sashing. I fell in love with the idea and that prompted me to complete my quilt top. We had a beautiful line of precuts in called “Poetry” by 3 Sisters. Very soft colours and perfectly suited to the embroidery. I think I bought two packages of the mini charms. I then looked online under images of Rabbits Haven quilts and found some examples of the same quilt with the square sashing.

I planned how I wanted the embroidered blocks laid out and how many 2 ½ squares I would use in between to still maintain the basic size and design of the quilt. Once I did that I started sewing squares together to form the sashing. Then the blocks and then the borders. The backing I chose was from the Welcome Home Collection One.

I took it in to Beatrice at Pumpkin Patch Patterns and Longarm Quilting in Chilliwack for the actual quilting. She custom quilted it with beautiful daisies while leaving the embroidered blocks unquilted to emphasize them.

I finished it off with the binding and a label on the quilt to my great-niece Lily Rae who was born in August of 2016. A beautiful welcome to the family gift for her and family to enjoy for years to come!

It felt so good to finally get that UFO out of my hair and turn it into a beautiful keepsake.

Kris Cherished Memories QuiltCherished Memories 6 Cherished Memories 5 Cherished Memories 4 Cherished Memories 3

A BIG thank you to Kris for sharing her family stories and projects with us.

Sew and Tell….Brenda L’s Pineapple Blossom

Brenda's Pineapple Blossom

This beautiful quilt was made by Brenda L. one of our beloved Hamel-Lite employees. Brenda tells us that this is her first quilt made using Batik fabrics and she is just thrilled with the result.

She used Southern Exposure Batiks by Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda to make this Queen size quilts and she found a free pattern on Pinterest, we have included the link for you here.

She had Beatrice from Pumpkin Patch Patterns and Longarm Quilting do the quilting. The whole project is just stunning. Have a closer look;Brenda's Pineapple Blossom 2 Brenda's Pineapple Blossom 6 Brenda's Pineapple Blossom 5 Brenda's Pineapple Blossom 7 Brenda's Pineapple Blossom 3 Brenda's Pineapple Blossom 4Thank you Brenda L. for sharing your quilt with us.




Sew and Tell….Doris

Doris F 9 patch

Doris came into the shop and brought her very lovely “Nine Patch Nostalgia” quilt. This quilt is reversible as Doris used her leftovers to piece the back together and it looks as good as the front. She had long arm quilter Beatrice of Pumpkin Patch Patterns & Long Arm Quilting quilt it for her with special instructions to leave the outside border open for special hand quilting and antique buttons to be sewn all around the outer edge.

Doris F 9 patch 2 Doris F 9 patch close up Doris F 9 patch back

Thank you Doris for sharing your quilt with us.

Sew and Tell….Denise

Denises Thistlepod Quilt

Denise brought in her amazing Thistle Pod  quilt. The pattern is a Quiltworx design by Judy Niemeyer. She started the quilt a number of years ago (we won’t say how many).  She finished the top at a quilt retreat with Maureen Wood at Edenvale in September 2016 and recently had it quilted at QuiltNut Creations. Denise has plans to start a new one this September. In the meantime lets drool over the pictures of this lovely masterpiece.

Thistlepod Blocks Thistlepod closer look Thistlepod Border 1 Thistlepod Border Thistlepod Border 2 Thistlepod Block 2 Thistlepod Block 1

We offer this pattern in a kit using Batik fabrics HERE or you can get the pattern alone by clicking on the image below.