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Joannes sewing room 4Recently at the store we were having a conversation about sewing spaces. How big they are, where they are, organization etc. We started discussing how it would be fun to have a tour of sewing rooms. The idea of seeing what a ‘real’ persons sewing space might look like as apposed to designer and showhome spaces might look like formed. The only hold up….no one was willingly ready to show off their space lol!

Lo and behold the following week Joanne came in with photos. She has spent a HUGE amount of time on the weekend reclaiming her space…read this as “it was in such a CREATIVE mess”.

She tells us that besides the usual mess she had feathers all over the floor because she was stuffing a pillow but didn’t get around to immediately cleaning it up. “It looked like I had killed a chicken in my sewing room” she explains and so she had resigned to sewing in her dining room, although this was creating a new mess.

Out came the vacuum and hours of organization. All  her books and magazines are now sorted, her baskets are labelled by colour, backing are ore organized, as is her UFO’s.

“I can actually sew in my sewing room again, imagine that!” she exclaims. During the process she discovered she has 14 unfinished quilt tops, maybe more shhhhhhh!

From the looks of her space she will be whipping out finished projects in no time….if not she’ll be starting new one lol! Regardless, her space is beautiful and she will at least be sewing.  Have a look at her room below.

Joannes sewing room 5Joanne FireplaceJoannes sewing room 3Joannes Collage 2Joannes sewing room 2Joanne Collage 1Joanne Collage 3

Kudos Joanne for putting in the effort and being the first to come forward and show your creative space. Who knows who will be brave enough to show us their space next!

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