Dogs in Sweaters

Miss Jersey with pillow

Have you seen this pattern? Dogs in Sweaters by Elizabeth Hartman is so much fun. When Heather saw this pattern she was compelled to make a Miss Jersey version.

The pattern uses traditional piecing methods and was a little more involved than Heather had the committed time for so she opted to make the pillow version included in the pattern. She made hers a reversible pillow so she could make one of each available block style.

Isn’t it cute? With the nearing celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday we love that Janet suggested the Canadian themed fabric “With Glowing Hearts” for the sweater.
Hipster Dog Dogs in Sweaters pillow

Want to make one yourself? Find the pattern here.

3 thoughts on “Dogs in Sweaters

  1. Darla

    We have a mini dauchund (black with tan markings like yours. Almost 18 years old and just had a tumour removed from his bladder and came through surgery with flying colours. Picked up this pattern and hope to make something with. Has anyone made it up in the Black and Tan dog colours? Would love to see how it looks.

    1. Kathy Post author

      Oh, that is such good news!!!
      To date we haven’t had any black and tan black and tan blocks come into the store.


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