Eliza’s Indigo & Bonus

Eliza's Indigo

Eliza’s Indigo is a newer quilt we have in the store.  It is  80″x 92 1/2″ and features Eliza’s Indigo 1810-1830 by Betsy Chutchian for Moda Fabrics.  If you haven’t heard the story behind the fabrics line is really interesting….

In 1739, at age 16, Eliza Lucas moved from her home in Antigua to South Carolina, where she would care for her invalid mother, siblings, and manage the three plantations inherited by her father. Relying on her study of botany in England, Eliza experimented with a variety of seeds, but it was with the indigo seeds sent from her father in Antigua, that Eliza found success. After several crops were killed by frost and another crop sabotaged by an overseer, Eliza’s indigo crop was so successful, that she saved the seeds and shared them with other planters. Indigo dye proved a profitable crop with the volume of export to England increasing from 5000 lbs in 1745-1746 to 130,000 pounds in 1748, making it one of the major cash crops, for South Carolina until the American Revolution. Eliza married Charles Pickney in 1745 at age 20. Widowed in 1758 at age 32, Eliza continued to manage the couple’s many plantations and raise her family. Eliza died in Philadelphia in 1793, an educated, independent business woman of colonial America. George Washington served as a pallbearer at her funeral.

After sewing the quit Heather had enough leftover fabric (minus the light background) from the kit to make another smaller project. She made up this little table top beauty using a pattern from the Moda booklet Go Big For Your Home. Way to go Heather for taking advantage of the scraps!


MODA Go Big For Your Home – Block 4

If you are looking to make an Eliza’s Indigo quilt for yourself you can find the kit here.

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