Too much fabric?

Can a person every really have too much fabric?  Probably not.  What a about a quilt shop?…never!

Lucky for us quilter’s Pauline likes to shop because that gives us a diverse selection of options for current or upcoming projects.

The staff here at the shop are always joking about how we need another floor in the building because the shelves are always crammed and overflowing with bolts of fabric.

Well Pauline went shopping again and now the warehouse is brimming with new goods just waiting to be processed.Warehouse

I had to chuckle to myself when I found her outside sorting a new shipment on her front porch because there wasn’t anywhere else in the store with enough space to do it.


Front Porch


Make sure to keep an eye out for new items on the store shelves…if we can find the space that is.  If not, we’ll get up it up on the website as soon as possible.


12 thoughts on “Too much fabric?

  1. Your estore just keeps getting better and better. Your fabric selection is fantastic and the service is great.

  2. one can NEVER have tooooo much fabric and considering my pre-order! :O) i really do think that way!!!
    WTG pauline!!!! can’t wait to see you in saskatoon!

  3. That is a beautiful thing. I have to have a room just for my fabric. You should never have to go shopping when making a quilt. You should go to your stash. I am always buying new fabric. To add to mine. You can never, never, never, have to much fabric. Those pics. are glorious.

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