Gadget Holder Tutorial

finished front with kobo
This Gadget Holder is a quick and easy sewing project. So quick in fact you’ll be whipping these up in multiples for your home.  You will probably find friends and family taking notice with special interest so if your looking for a clever gift for someone who has everything then you may have found it with this multipurpose holder.

Initially I intended this to be for the sole purpose of holding my e-reader at the dining table. Up until now I awkwardly used a rolled up tea towel to prop the device to a comfortable reading/viewing angle.

Before holder

Upon completion I found it to be exactly what I needed and I became increasingly happy to discover several other handy uses for it.  At first I kept it on my kitchen counter as a home for my mobile phone so I could easily find it when I needed to. From there I found it useful to keep online recipes held on my phone or another device nearby in the kitchen. Keeping it on my desk while working in the office for easy viewing has also proven to be convenient.  And because it doesn’t take up to much space it works equally as well on a nightstand or side table.


You can keep one next to your sewing machine to easily hold your phone or tablet, keeping online sewing patterns and tutorials conveniently at your fingertips.

DSC_1009use copy

It also does double duty as a ruler holder and/or a pincushion.

ruler holder

It doesn’t take much to put one of these together.


    • one fat quarter and matching thread
    • polyfill or another stuffing
    • 4″ square of cardboard (for a base)
    • uncooked rice or something to be used as a weight
    • marking pen or pencil
    • 1/2″ diameter wood dowel (optional).  Approx. 7 1/2″ long

Let’s get started

Cut your fat quarter into a 15″ wide by 13″ long rectangle.  (Ignore the white glare of the sun)

Fold the fabric in half right sides together, then sew one short edge and the open long edge leaving one short edge open (my rectangle shows longer as I was still tweaking the pattern).

fold over with stitch line

Now fold the fabric as shown keeping the seam centred.  The remainder of the seam (not shown) is on the underside and should be placed down facing the table.

funny fold

Place your ruler so that it lays from the left corner of the square to the opposite right corner.

ruler centred over square

Now fold the top corner down to the ruler (or centre of the square) and finger press.

finger press Mark this folded line with a marking pen or pencil…

Mark and pin fold…and stitch on the line.

Stitch fold lineTurn the fabric right side out.  With the seam facing down on the table you can now slide the cardboard base all the way to the back to rest against the just stitched seam and stuff with fibrefill.

DSC_1018use copy

When it is filled close to the edge of the cardboard base you can add approximately one cup of uncooked rice for weight. You need to manipulate the rice to the top and corners as best as you can to keep it from falling out while stitching it closed.

DSC_1024use copy

Mark a straight stitching line along the edge of the cardboard and pin keeping the rice and stuffing to the inside.

DSC_0005 use copy

Stitch on the line close to the edge of the cardboard.

Stitch closed.

Fold the fabric at the opening to the inside to measure 3″ from the just stitched line and press.

fold-inside3inches copy

Turn the gadget holder over and measure in 2″ from the pressed edge and mark.

DSC_0011use copy

Fold the pressed edge over to meet the marked line and stitch close to the edge creating a tube.

stitch tube

Slide the dowel, chopstick, pencil etc. into the tube and you are done.
*optional – you may fill the tube with fiberfill and handstitch the ends closed.


Here is the finished project front and back.  What I especially love about this holder is that the channel between the angled back and the dowel accommodates my e-reader with the cover on.

front and back 710px copy

This is my first attempt at a tutorial.  It took a lot longer then I expected as I tweaked the pattern and found I needed more photos for those awkward to explain steps and so on.  Hopefully this project will be easy to follow and enjoyable to create.  Please feel free to ask questions if necessary.

18 thoughts on “Gadget Holder Tutorial

  1. showed it to my daughter who is 40 and has a 3 year old son.. she wants santa to bring her 2 of them.. she is in school and her text book is on e reader so it will be handy for her and the 3 year old has a e reader with his 5 fav movies so it will be handy for him…..thanx… santa

  2. Oh why did I just find your FB page..I could have made many of these for Christmas gift…now I will have to make “just because” gifts for my friends. What a great gift idea! Thankyou for the tutorial

  3. Tomorrow is going to be a rainy day. It will be the perfect time to make these . Thank you for the perfect gift for my family and friends

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