Great New Things To Come


On September 15th Hamel’s Fabrics website will have a proud new owner, Lisa Hallosworth of Victoria B.C.

The Retail Storefront will liquidate its wonderful inventory from now until October 3rd or while supplies last.


So come on down or place your order online and get in on the savings

20% off Fabric – with the some exceptions – eg. Fireside and Kona SolidsShop FABRIC HERE>

20% off Selected Kits – The bulk of the kits are discountedShop all SALE KITS HERE> 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION … please read as we will not be able to answer all your email and phone call questions because we are still experiencing extremely high volume.

– Sale prices do not apply to previous orders so please do not ask.

– All orders that are waiting for the arrival of product will definitely be fulfilled.

– All Pre Orders will be fulfilled – this will not disrupt any orders, it is business as usual.

– All sales that are placed during this sale are final

– If you choose … “send what you have” upon ordering online we will then send what we have without contacting you.

– In order to accommodate more people in the store we have a 30 by 15 foot tent in the yard set up like our Quilt Show Booths.

– All customers must wear masks and sanitize their hands before entering the tent or store.

– We do have a limited number of cloth masks for sale ($10.00) and disposable masks for sale ($2.00)

A personal note from Pauline;

Hamel’s Fabrics has been in business for 63 years, I have owned and operated it for 30 of those years.
My parents Lou and Yvonne Hamel started it before I was born, I grew up in it and this has been my life.
My parents are now 94 and 97 years of age and are still young at heart. They were here for dinner the other night when I shared my decision to retire.

I am now moving into that special stage in my life where it is time to start my bucket list.
My bucket list involves a lot of ATV riding, snowmobiling, hiking, swimming, nature walks. Most importantly long overdue time with friends, my grandchildren, my two beautiful daughters, and my wonderful son and husband.
I look forward to more time with my parents and my 5 brothers and sisters.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I now want to make all those wonderful quilts I have been planning. I also have a pottery studio which has been in storage for 30 years and I want to get some of my clay on that wheel.
I hope I am granted the time to do all of the above.

On a very sentimental note… I will always remember the wonderful and strong women I have met as customers and staff over the years. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I admire you all and I will think of your kindness for the rest of my life.


14 thoughts on “Great New Things To Come

  1. I understand your decision but will really miss the store.
    Thanks for the time you have given to make our fabric shopping more pleasurable.

  2. I am sad that the storefront is closing, but happy for you to retire. I have been retired for four years now and love every minute! Although I live in Wawa ON, I have made several trios to your store when visiting my sons and their families in Maple Ridge, BC.
    I am currently working on a quilt from a kit that I bought from you at a Quilt Canada show in Ontario where I had the pleasure of speaking with you. Best wishes on your retirement Pauline,
    Jayne Griffith

  3. I live in the UK but every year when I visit Canada your store is on my “must visit” list – and I always find amazing fabrics that are unavailable to me at home. Since the days when the shop was close to Chilliwack airport the ladies at Hamel’s have always been pleasant and very helpful, whether in your store or (as recently) online.
    Many thanks, Pauline. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your well earned retirement. Have fun!
    Best regards, Brenda

  4. Congrats to you Pauline. I am very happy for you and your family! We will miss seeing your beautiful face up here in Quesnel.

  5. I’m SO sad, SOB!!!! We bought a house and moved here in December so my husband could retire and I could do all the quilts I have been unable to do and now YOU retire. I am happy for you and SO sad for me. It was so much fun to be able to just drive 5 minutes to your fabulous store. It was lovely to be able to access ALL your fabulous fabrics and ask for help and get advise on an almost daily basis and then boom! Covid! And now you are going goodbye.

    Wll good luck in your future endeavours and I personally am broken hearted your going

  6. Pauline, when I found you back in 2005, on our arrival in Chilliwack, I was thrilled to the bone! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful store, your amazing staff, and most particularly you! We left Chilliwack in 2013, to be near my mum who needed care, yet each and every time we came down to spend time here, your shop was always on my must visit list….here I am, once more, and will be in this week. Good luck on your retirement, it is definitely well deserved, and, being retired now for almost 10 years I can safely say I highly recommend it. You will be missed! Now onwards and upwards with your new journey!❤️

  7. 63 years. Wow. And your mom and dad 94 and 97. Wow again. Congratulations on your retirement. Sounds like to you have a lot planned for your retirement. Hope you can get to all those things.
    As a quilter, of course, we are all sad to hear of the store closing. I live in the interior and spend a lot of time in N Van so don’t get to your store nearly as often as I would like to. I always enjoyed the country flavour of your store and you seem to carry many of the fabrics that I really love. You will be missed but again – Happy Retirement.

  8. Wow Pauline,
    I must say retirement is wonderful and you will find enjoyment every day.
    I’ve been a customer with Hamel’s since the store was located on Mary Street and will truly miss not being able to just pop in on a whim. However I’m sure that the time is right for this decision and do I wish you, your family and all the Hamel’s staff good luck in the future.
    All the best

  9. Pauline….You will be missed !! You and your family have touched a lot of lives with the quilts that have been made from fabric from your store, in all its locations !! You and your staff were and are always so helpful and courteous ! Whenever i visited from Ottawa, I always made it a point to stop by and see what new ideas and fabrics that you had….always left with a bundle too …lol ! Congratulations on your retirement as i’m sure it wasn’t a decision was lightly made ! Enjoy this next stage of your life and all that it has to offer !

  10. Congratulations on your retirement Pauline! I have fond memories of going to Hamel’s as a teenager to pick patterns and fabric and learning to sew from my Mom. Even though I am not a quilter, I have many friends who are and they all love your shop. I loved it that you have been a neighbour to my families home place and I would love to pop in to visit To ogle the beautiful fabrics when I would be Next door at the cheese shop.

  11. I am sad that your store front is closing but happy for you. My children are 48 and 46 now and I did sew most of their clothes when they were young so I do remember having your Mom help me in the store and recall your Dad servicing my sewing machine. My friends and I would often go and pick out our fabrics, patterns and notions so we could sew our latest outfits! I appreciated that we could always trust your fabrics to be of excellent quality. I will miss that also.
    It was lovely to see both of your parents out for dinner earlier this year. I did say hi!
    Best wishes in your retirement and in accomplishing all you wish to do. Thank you!

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