Meet The Hamel-lites Brenda


Brenda has been working in our retail store for almost two years, but has been a frequent customer to the store for 20 years.  When she was in grade 8, she was very inspired by her home – economic teacher, Mrs. McBean.   She has been sewing ever since.  Her favorite fabric is anything red or blue.  Brenda says, “It’s the amazing creativity and talent that people of all ages, (beginners and experienced), bring to show us”.  She appreciates the individuality and diversity that quilters express with their work.  Her favorite notion is Best Press-hands down!  If she could bake with the stuff she would.  Her sewing space is a small bedroom that doubles as a guest room.  Brenda also enjoys bird watching and cooking, (thus the reason for the previous best press comment).   Her Motto is “Men should be so lucky to have a mama like me”!


2 thoughts on “Meet The Hamel-lites Brenda

  1. Hello Brenda,
    Can you tell me what magazine the “Falling Leaves” pattern is in?

    Thank you and look forward to hearing form you.

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