Meet The Hamel-lites……Heather


What is a Hamel-lite?  Well were are the people you talk to on the phone or help you in the store.  Heather has been a Hamel-lite since May 2013.  Her official title is Sales/Administration, however she likes to refer to herself as a “Minion” (A loyal servant of another).   Heather has been sewing since her Home Economics years in High school, and quilting since  the year 2000.  Her favorite fabric is French General from Moda.  You have probably spoken on the phone with Heather, or possibly she has helped you in our store.  In fact, assisting customers with colour choices, and helping new quilters is what she like most about working at Hamels.

Her sewing space is in the basement of her home which her husband has named  “The Fabric Pit”.  Her favorite notion is left-handed scissors.  Heather also enjoys gardening and repurposing furniture and household items.  Her motto are the words of Bonnie Hunter, “If the fabric is still ugly, you haven’t cut it small enough”.

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