Meet The Hamel-Lites…Joanne


Earlier this Spring we welcomed Joanne to the Hamels team. If you have visited the store chances are good you’ve met Joanne as she can be found in the store helping people with their fabric selections.

Joanne began sewing thirty years ago when her children were young and has come to find patchwork piecing and appliqué to be among her choice sewing styles.  She favours bright colours and Lori Holt patterns. We asked her what her favourite type of fabric is and she replied…”Love, love all our flannels!”

Joanne sews in a BIG rec room turned sewing room but tells us there is still not enough space so she drags everything upstairs and makes a mess on her dining room table.

Aside from quilting Joanne enjoys spending time crafting with her Grandchildren.

4 thoughts on “Meet The Hamel-Lites…Joanne

  1. Enjoyed ‘meeting’ Joanne! Instant connection when I heard, bright colours, Lori Holt’s patterns and loves Flannel Fabrics :)! Hamel’s is a little Treasure Trove of a Quilt Shop that left a wonderful impression on me when I visited the area this past year.

  2. I love that story … Especially the sewing around the dining room table even though she has a sewing room….. Don’t we all just flock to the dining room table ???. I know I do….
    Welcome Joanne …..
    Shelley G

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