Tuesday Tip: How to Fix and Prevent Flipped Seam Allowances

Have you ever been faced with “flipped seams”? Well, they are fixable and they happen to every quilter at some point.   You’ve nested your seams and pinned them securely. You stitch your seam like always and when you turn it over, you see the bottom seam has flipped. How frustrating! But, it’s not you; it’s your sewing machine.

How to fix and prevent flipped seam allowances. It's easy! @ The Crafty Quilter

How to fix and prevent flipped seam allowances. It's easy! @ The Crafty Quilter

In the example above, only one half of the seam allowance has flipped over.  It looks like an open seam allowance. Usually it’s the complete seam that has flipped over.  Let’s start with how to fix this little problem. There are three things you can do:

1. Leave it be. Iron it the way you want it to go. So what if you have a little twist at the seam. Nobody will ever know!

2. Un-sew that small section and re-sew it again. No fun!

3. Snip into the seam allowance just behind the seam. This allows the seam to lay flat. This is an easy quick fix.

To snip the seam allowance, you’ll need small, sharp scissors. Be careful with this! You just want to snip up to the seam by a few threads. Err on the side of “not too close” but close enough.

How to fix and prevent flipped seam allowances. It's easy! @ The Crafty Quilter

How to fix and prevent flipped seam allowances. It's easy! @ The Crafty Quilter

Now your seam allowances will lay flat. Pretty as a picture!

How to fix and prevent flipped seam allowances. It's easy! @ The Crafty Quilter

How to fix and prevent flipped seam allowances. It's easy! @ The Crafty Quilter

Now let’s get to the really important part of this lesson.  How to prevent flipped seams from happening in the first place!  It’s such an easy solution; you’re going to love it.

The reason your seams are flipping is because there is a “lip” or a raised edge on your sewing machine bed. Right where the throat plate meets the arm or extension table. When your bottom seam allowance runs across that edge, it flips over.  It will only happen with the seam allowances that are facing the needle/throat plate.

How to fix and prevent flipped seam allowances. It's easy! @ The Crafty Quilter

To prevent that from happening, just take a piece of tape (Washi tape works really well) and place it across the raised edge. Don’t press it down too much along the raised edge.  You want it to act as a bridge. This will put an end to your flipped seams.

How to fix and prevent flipped seam allowances. It's easy! @ The Crafty Quilter

In case you’re wondering, this picture above shows a starter scrap under the presser foot and that purple, thick tape is the sewing edge. This gives a perfect, scant 1/4″ seam allowance.

Of course, there is a product made specifically for the task at hand.  It’s called the Betty Bridge Supreme.  This notion works really well. It smooths out the height difference with a little more “oomph” than a piece of tape.  But first try the tape!  I think you’ll find it makes a big difference.

How’s that for an easy fix? Now go forth and make beautiful seams!


Thrifty Thursday….Typeset Ornaments

typeset ornaments

Today’s *Thrifty Thursday item the Crabapple Hill Studios pattern Typeset Ornaments.

Timeworn vintage typewriter keys……..that’s what these simple stitched ornaments look like! Imperfect…and perfect! Easy decorations for the Christmas tree, a bare branch for any time of the year, banners, tags…it’s all up to you! Upper and lower case letters, numbers, &, and @ are included.

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Easy Precision Piecing Products From A Dynamic Duo


If you haven’t heard of Bernie and Shelley Tobisch then you will now. Bernie’s expertise is servicing sewing machines while Shelley has been teaching people to quilt for over 30 years. Together they have been successfully teaching as a team and Shelley has recently developed new methods of piecing and organization called Easy Precision Piecing System.

What is the Easy Precision Piecing System? According to Bernie and Shelley “The System is a new way to gain better accuracy in piecing. It’s not about perfection. It’s meant to give you methods to make your corners more square, match your points and generally make things more pleasing to the eye. Your seams will lay flatter and your longarm quilter will love you! More accurate piecing makes for easier quilting!”
This System, not only uses new methods, but new and inexpensive tools and products to help you succeed!

Even quilt guru Alex Anderson has good things to say about the Acorn Precision Piecing Product.  Watch below as Shelley shows her how the Acorn Precision Piecing Products are used;

You can find Acorn Precision Piecing Products by clicking on the image below. Find written instructions on how to use the products when you click on a specific product on the website.

Acorn Products

And if that isn’t enough for you both Shelley and Bernie have published books. Easy Precision Piecing by Shelley…

Cut, piece, and press—the Precision way!

Say goodbye to your seam ripper, backwards blocks, and mismatched seams with Easy Precision Piecing—the pathway to flawless patchwork. This comprehensive system starts with picking the right tools and prepping your fabric for the best results. Learn to get organized so you can easily set aside projects without losing your place. Practice your cutting, sewing, and pressing with foolproof Quilt Block Builder blueprints, then use your newfound skills to make 6 stunning quilt projects.

• Discover an exciting new method to correctly cut and sew blocks for impeccable patchwork
• Use the best tools to prep and press fabric for seams that always match up and stay flat
• Get precision results when piecing and quilting, for quilt makers of all styles and skill levels

Easy Precision Piecing

And Bernie’s book also published with C&T Publishing is “You and Your Sewing Machine: A Sewist’s Guide to Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Tips & Techniques

From the sewing machine whisperer comes this in-depth, visual guide to how a sewing machine works, how to keep it in good working order, and how to solve common problems. Learn what questions to ask when buying a new sewing machine, what sewing machine foot to use for different projects, what regular maintenance you need to perform, and more. Perfect for sewists and quilters of all levels, this friendly approach to learning about and troubleshooting YOUR sewing machine gives you the tools you need to sew and quilt with less frustration and better results!

• For any brand of sewing machine
• Written by an expert sewing machine technician with over forty-two years of experience
• Learn how your sewing machine works, how to keep it happy, and how to troubleshoot common problems

You and Your Machine


If you are interested in attending a wonderful seminar by Bernie and/or Bernie and Shelley please email us with your interest to info@hamelsfabrics.com

Build a Better Relationship with Your Sewing Machine Seminar
If you need relationship counselling with your machine, then this class is for you. Learn what your sewing machine is trying to tell you and also how to tell it what you want. Unravel the mystery of tension, learn light maintenance, understand the importance of the right foot. Get closer to your machine and spend more time focused on your sewing, less time frustrated!
~OR ~

Easy Precision Piecing Seminar
Learn to piece, from cutting to pressing to sewing, with more accuracy and ease than ever before. Turn your sewing machine into a precision piecing instrument. Discover how the right tools can make accuracy easy to achieve. Learn how to work with Quilt Block Builders, to create precision pieced blocks, with easy repeatable results!

Read more about Bernie and Shelley on their website Easy Precision Piecing.



Have you seen “Winterville“? It is a lovely winter village quilt designed by Camille Rosekelley of Thimbleblossoms. The quilt finishes at 78 inches square which is a nice large wall hanging, beautiful table topper or decent size sofa quilt. The quilt features the fabric collection “Vintage Holiday” by Bonnie & Camille for Moda and has been a pretty popular item all over social media. Take a look.Winterville 5427QK_2_z

If you want to use your stash and just need the pattern we have that too. Click on the image below to find it on the website.Winterville_cover_small

Thrifty Thursday….Snow Globes

Snow Globes HAM_z

Today’s *Thrifty Thursday item is our Snow Globes Quilt Kit.

Everyone needs a snow globe collection. This one is twelve snow globes filled with sparkling snow and Christmas delights! The 68 1/2” square quilt has twelve embroidered Snowball blocks set with Nine Patch alternate blocks… easy embroidery, and a quick to assemble quilt!

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Have a closer look at a few of the blocks in this pattern below…snow_globe-3_1 SnowGlobes_1 SnowGlobes_3