Printable Fabric Sheets

In the Hamels Fabrics storefront, our staff is asked about specialty, novelty fabrics every day. We hear customers request fabric with green tractors, elephants, children’s TV characters, sports teams, etc. Many quilters increasingly want very specific fabrics but have difficulty in finding what they want and/or the design that’s not the right size or colour.

When Pauline, the shop owner, can secure stock on novelty fabric from our suppliers, she certainly does. Currently we have those Fairies, Marvel Superheroes and cats etc. printed on bolts of fabric in the store and displayed on the website.


However, most “licensed” images that are under copyright (eg. Disney, NHL) are difficult to find on the bolt. Often times licensed fabric is printed on a low quality grainy, fabric that is not going to perform very well in a quilted masterpiece.

Ok, so here’s the issue. We all want find quilting fabrics with a “specific” theme and these fabrics are not easy find as you browse the marketplace. Thus the search becomes frustrating and fruitless. No one wants to disappoint anyone wanting to have a quilt made with their favourite novelties.

printable fabric sheets

One solution that can alleviate some of this pain is EQ Printable Fabric Sheets. Now you can print your own photo, or image you find on the internet right onto a good quality fabric sheet that measures 8 1/2 x 11″.  Simply follow the steps in this video below and create fabric with “exactly what you want on it”.

Consider downloading that tractor image or photograph from the internet and print it onto a printable fabric sheet and incorporate that into your quilt. Add yellow and green tone on tone fabrics to match and you can customize your quilt as you wish.

EQ Printable Fabric Sheets each come with thread count: 200 – fabric for inkjet printers. The warm white fabric makes photo-complexions glow. Perfect for memory quilts, fabric scrapbooks and quilt labels.

Print sharp, photo-quality images from your computer onto these soft (never rubbery!) fabric sheets. You become a fabric designer as you scan in photos, flowers, love letters, or whatever. Then print, let dry, peel off the plastic backing and soak in cool water for 10 minutes. When the fabric dries, sew!


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