Selecting a Quilt Binding

selecting a binding

There is no set rule about the colour of your binding, but you want to select a colour that will blend with the top of the quilt. The binding is a finishing touch for your quilt and, in most cases, it should not take away from the quilt’s design. It can even match the outermost border and become a part of the border instead of a separate element.

Of course, if you decide that you want your binding to stand out as a design element for your quilt, there’s nothing wrong with that. It can be very effective and attractive alternative to the binding that fades into the background.

For instance, consider piecing different strips of fabrics together for the binding. This can be done in random lengths to create a scrappy look. I like to use up all of the fabrics used in the quilt top to create a binding. A scrappy binding, using the same fabrics already incorporated in the quilt top, blends right in because the colours are all in the quilt already. For a more graphic, contemporary look, piece regular lengths of alternating colours, (black and white maybe). This will serve as a snazzy frame for your quilt.

red pepper black white binding

Here at Hamels, we love the look of Moda’s Grunge fabrics when used as binding fabrics or Moda’s Bella Solids. Enjoy the process of selecting a binding for your quilt top and give your quilts the perfect finishing touch they deserve. Happy stitching!

grunge spots


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