Sew And Tell….

Lynne WLynne and her three grand-girls visited the store  last week. Along with them they each brought a completed quilt with fabrics selected from grandma’s stash. They each chose their pattern and fabrics, did the tracing cutting and fusing. Grandma gave guidance as they stitched.

Hannah-Lynne age 10 sewed “Rainbow Turtles”Hannah Lynne

Emma age 9 sewed “Summer Fish”Emma

and Belle  age 11 sewed “Spy Penguins”.Belle

Way to go girls and to Grandma for helping out!


4 thoughts on “Sew And Tell….

  1. So wonderful to a) have time at Grandma’s b) to share in the quilting bug c) to have accomplished so much in such a short time!
    Well done girls, You rock!

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