Sew Steady Wish Table

Have you seen or heard of Sew Steady Tables? They are a pretty amazing custom sewing machine extension table. You enter the make and model of your sewing machine when ordering and it is cut to the right size for your machine.

Right now we are offering a Wish Table Holiday Package which we have been running for a few weeks. Due to the popularity of this item we have extended the the sale to December 31st, 2018

The Wish Table Holiday Package includes:

  • Wish 22-1/2″ x 25-1/2″ Sew Steady Table Features include: 3 Rounded edges 9″ x 14″ blue compartmentalized notions tray, holes in the table for circle sewing and Circle Sewing Tool.
  • NEW GRID GLIDER is a extremely slick polyester mat that has a 12″x20″printed grid including seam allowances, and degrees to meet all your sewing and quilting needs.
  • 26″ x 26″ Big Travel Bag

The Wish Table is made of the same high-quality acrylic as all the Sew Steady Tables and Inserts. The NEW Wish Table includes several features as requested by quilters and sewers alike:

– 3 beveled edges
– 9″ x 14″ blue compartmentalized notions tray
– Circles Sewing Tool
– Universal Table Grid
– Table Lock

Watch the video below to see how they are installed.

And if you own and love sewing with your old Singer Featherweight then you will love the Classic Featherweight Extension Table.

Inspired by the sewing machine that never goes out of style, the Classic Featherweight Table is made exclusively for the Black and Gold Singer Featherweight 221. Black acrylic is printed with gold details, including a 16″ ruler on the front edge. This 17-3/4″ x 22-1/2″ Table also comes with a bottle of Sew Steady Acrylic Shine.

This would be a wonderful addition to your sewing setup.

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