The Civil War Soldier Cot Quilt Pattern


Civil war quilts are very popular to make.  With so many choices of reproduction fabrics, they are like taking a journey back in time.  Judy Anne Brenemen of Patterns From History has a great website offering free patterns and historical content of quilting, such as this Civil War Soldier Cot Quilt.  Be sure to check out her website at to see her vast collection.  Below is an expert sited below which talks about Civil War Soldiers Cot Quilts.  You can find this pattern on Judy Anne Brenemen’s website along with many other Civil War Patters.

“Sheets and Quilts are now very much wanted. The latter should be seven feet
long, four and a half feet wide and may be made of old calico or delaine,
with cotton quilted firmly between, so that it will not lose its place on
being washed.”

Soldiers’ Aid Society in Northern Ohio, 1863

* p87 “Quilts for Union Soldiers in the Civil War” by Virginia Gunn,
Quiltmaking in America: Beyond the Myths


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