Thrifty Thursday….Aurifil Cotton Mako 12/2 Thread

Today’s *Thrifty Thursday item is an assortment of 12wt Cotton Aurifil thread packs.  Colours are selected by Hamel’s staff to make up an assortment of 4 spool thread packs.  Choose from Winter, Spring, Fall or Summer palettes. Package colours vary.

Aurifil’s 100% Cotton 12wt thread comes wound on a red spool. It is the heaviest weight thread that Aurifil offers and is perfect for hand applique, hand embroidery, hand quilting, cross stitch, embellishment, handmade lace, machine applique, blanket stitch, machine embroidery (especially for designs that use a longer stitch length), machine art quilting, Sashiko, redwork, lower looper serging, and longarm quilting.

Hand Appliqué, Hand Embroidery, Hand Quilting, Cross Stitch, Embellishment and Lace, Machine Appliqué, Blanket Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch, Machine Embroidery, Machine Art Quilting, Sashiko, Redwork, Lower Looper Serging, Longarm Quilting

Needle Recommendations:

  • 100/16 or 90/14 Topstitch Needle (40wt in the bobbin)
  • 4.5 Longarm Needle (28wt in the bobbin)


  • When using 12wt thread by machine, we recommend using a much thinner thread in the bobbin, like a 40wt.
  • When using in a Longarm machine, quilt slowly, using a longer stitch and silicone conditioner where necessary.

Each pack contains four –  325m spools of 12wt 100% cotton thread.  Our regular price is $59.98 Our Thrifty Thursday price is only $19.99. Click HERE to order yours today!

See what Heather has done with these threads HERE!

*Thrifty Thursday items are final sale and may not be returned or refunded.

Below is a sample of some of the packages






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