Tuesday Tip: Cleaning your Iron

Is the soleplate on your iron looking a bit yucky? After a while, any iron will begin to show residue and brown patches. Gunk builds up from working with fusible products, accidental scorching and residue from fabrics. A thorough cleaning will help your iron glide more smoothly and prevent any of that gunk from transferring onto your good quilting fabrics.

Dritz Iron-Off Hot Iron Cleaner removes built-up starch, fusible webbing and detergent from your iron. It’s non-flammable, non-toxic and non-abrasive. Iron-Off will not remove discoloration in metal finish.

To clean your iron properly, you need Dritz Iron-Off Hot Iron Cleaner, a terry cloth to apply and wipe. Then follow up with a soft flannel type rag to polish up. The cleaner is applied to your iron when it is hot and then wiped off with a rag.

Caution: Your iron will be very hot for this cleaning process and you want to apply iron cleaner with a terry cloth folded in several thick layers being careful not to burn yourself.  

Check out this video below to see how it’s done:

A bit of housekeeping like this will make your iron sparkle in a jiffy and you might be surprised to see the gunk that comes off.  Find Dritz Iron-Off in store or online HERE.

Happy stitching!


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