Tuesday Tip: Clover’s Dome Threaded Needle Case

Sometimes the best recommendations we get come from friends. Well that’s exactly the case for this week’s Tuesday Tip. Have you ever heard about Clover’s Dome Threaded Needle Case?¬†Well, our next door neighbour, the lovely Ursula, shared that she really likes this domed needle case. (Can you imagine being a quilter and living right next door to a quilt shop?!! Well fortunately for us, and Ursula, she lives across the pasture from the store and frequently drops in to see us and search out lovely fabric. We can all dream...)¬†Anyways, Ursula told me about this dome threaded needle case that Clover has designed. She has used this product for years now and finds it very handy as she travels to guild meetings, workshops, etc.

Tired of rethreading needles when doing hand work or embroidery? Load this handy domed needle case with ten needles threaded and ready to sew, then sew all day long. This is the ideal case for traveling. It keeps your threaded needles ready to sew at all times with no tangling. Imagine having this little gadget loaded with needles before your next trip away from you sewing room. How about taking it to a retreat or with you on vacation. Maybe you could use it with your sewing supplies in your busy bag as you travel. Anyways, check out this quick little video that demonstrates how this case works:

To order a Clover domed needle case click here:

NOTE – Do NOT put a knot in the end of your thread before you insert your threaded needle into this case, or you will have issues. Leave the knot off until you dispense a needle and are ready to sew.

Happy stitching!



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