Tuesday Tip: Cotton Batiste

Cotton Batiste: this light weight fine fabric is very useful behind the scenes. It can be basted to the back of fabric you are using for stitchery (eg. muslin or Kona – Snow) when you are working on a Crabapple Hill embroidery pattern. Attaching it to the back of the muslin you are stitching through not only stabilizes the fabric, but more importantly, it hides floss tails, knots, and crossovers so they won’t shadow through to the front of the embroidery.

We equate Cotton Batiste to the slip under your little black dress. Just like that slip prevents viewing of bits better unseen, Cotton Batiste prevents seeing any messy bits of floss from showing through to the front of your stitchery.

Note: If you’re making tea towels, tablecloths, etc… where the back will show, you just have to skip the muslin step and be more careful and neat with your stitching.

Happy stitching!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Cotton Batiste

  1. Sounds good .I have the Crabapple Hillpattern #408 that I will be starting inJuly or August (trying to finish UFO’s first) & then I can Start stitchinging to my hearts content. I will be in to purchase some cotton batise.
    Thankyou for the suggestion.

    • Sounds good ,I have the Crabapple Hill Patterrn #408 that I will be starting in July or August.(I’m trying to finish my UFO’s first) & then I can stitch to my hearts content.
      Thanks for the suggestion.

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