Tuesday Tip: Don’t Throw out Broken Rulers

Have you ever experienced a mishap with a quilting ruler only to have it break and become damaged? Maybe now you have a chunk broken out. So what should you do next? Here are two directions:

  1. Take that broken ruler and throw it into the garbage headed to the landfill. Not cool! You spent good money to purchase that ruler and now you face the cost of replacing that ruler.
  2. Carefully transport your broken ruler to your local glass shop. (eg. Speedy Auto Glass) Ask the folks there to cut and reshape your broken tool into a ruler that you can continue to use. For a nominal charge they can cut off the broken corner and re-invent your tool. Voila! Now you have a new ruler that you can use in your sewing room.

We all love tips that save us money and are reduce waste, etc. Please let us know if you have a tip to share with other quilters that is helpful.

Happy stitching!

13 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Don’t Throw out Broken Rulers

  1. Good tip – I hadn’t thought about a glass shop. I took mine to a local trophy and plastic fabricator – he buffed and glued it back together – good as new and still accurate. Hope this helps someone. Prince George, B. C.

  2. I had a ruler break on me, I put it back together tightly and laminated it on both sides with clear duct tape. I have been using it that way for about 5 years now!

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