Tuesday Tip: Fine Crochet Hook for Stray Threads

Have you ever discovered a dark thread showing through a light section on your quilt top? After your quilt has been sandwiched and stitched together, it can seem almost impossible to remove a stray unwanted thread from inside of your quilt. The thread might show up like an unsightly varicose vein.

Well there’s a tool that can fix this issue without invasive surgery on your beloved quilt. It’s called a Bohin Fine Crochet Hook for Repairs. This tool has a very fine end to it and can be inserted through your fabric or a seam and help you with the extraction of random threads. 

Here, check out this video that demonstrates how the Bohin Fine Crochet Hook performs:

Now wouldn’t this Bohin Fine Crochet Hook be handy? We are also thinking that this hook would also be useful for repairing snags in sweaters and other knitted garments. Check out this Bohin Fine Crochet Hook in our store or via our website.

Happy stitching!



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