Tuesday Tip….How to Clean a Cutting Mat

Mat 1

Lately, many of us are making Jelly Roll rugs. As a thrifty, somewhat cheap, person, I cut my own strips of batting from scrap bits of batting in my sewing room to make my jelly roll rug. Great money saver vs. buying pre-cut batting strips, until after I was done and my cutting mat looked like the one pictured above!

This predicament can also come along if you cut batting squares for a rag quilt or if you sew a quilt- as-you-go blocks and trim the finished blocks to size on your mat. These activities can create quite a fuzzy mess. All those cotton fibers get embedded in the mat and no amount of rubbing with a rag will get them out.

mat 2 eraser

How can you remove the fuzz from your mat? Well the solution is as easy as a white eraser purchased from the dollar store. Yep. One of those inexpensive white artist erasers!

mat 3 fluff

Just rub it on the mat wherever it’s fuzzy and the fuzz comes out. With only a little bit of elbow grease, my mat is clean again and ready for my next cutting session. Voila!

mat 4

Happy stitching everyone!






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