Tuesday Tip: How to Use a Moda Layer Cake

Layer Cakes… our store offers undoubtedly the largest selection of layer cakes a quilter might ever see. We aren’t just saying that, but we think that it’s really true, especially within Canada. Every 10″ packet that Moda Fabrics creates is available through Hamels Fabrics.

Moda creates all of their precuts ahead of the yardage that gets wrapped on bolts at the warehouse. They are highly collectable as they are usually only available for a very limited time and once the offering has sold out, they become scarce. Layer Cakes designed by Moda’s top designers such as “Kansas Troubles” and “Bonnie & Camille” are in extremely high demand items and remain popular each time they produce a fabric line. That being said, we have customers who love Layer Cakes from other Moda designers and collect Layer Cakes when they are in stock.

Did you know that we also have solid coloured Layer Cakes, such as white, cream, black and gray? Even though they are tricky to keep in stock, we would love to special order one of the solid Layer Cakes for you, if you make a special request. Many patterns ask for solid and print 10″ square to work together to form a pattern. Eg. Cake Mix Quilts

10 neat things about layer cakes:

  1. Each layer cake manufactured by Moda Fabrics consists of 42 accurately cut ¬†10″ squares. (Note: Other manufacturers who produce packets of 10″ squares might have less pieces of fabric, but for this article we want to only talk about Moda brand.)
  2. Layer Cakes come in a variety of themes ranging from baby, children, reproduction, Civil War, florals, woven cotton and more. There’s a layer cake designed for every taste, even a few in batik!
  3. A layer cake comes with all the pieces from one Moda fabric collection. Sometimes pieces might be duplicated if the line has less that 42 different prints in it. A layer cake is like taking home a stack of fabric from the quilt store without having to stand at the cutting table and have 42 pieces cut. Viola!
  4. There’s no need to prewash these 10″ squares before you start cutting or sewing with them. Modern technology has pretty much eliminated any worries about colour fastness, etc. and we aren’t going to fret about shrinkage.
  5. Moda carefully cuts the layer cake squares with a high tech machine back in Asia (somewhere in Korea…) and when you open your package the fabric is ready to go. Use the outer points of the pinked edges as the edge of the seam and do that consistently throughout your project and your project will measure up just fine.
  6. The fabric designer of the layer cake has done the work for us, so that each piece in a layer cake mixes and matches together. There are some pieces that are lights, darks and mediums giving a balance for quilts to blend beautifully. A layer cake can also provide a scrappy look that is controlled and works together.
  7. How big of a quilt will a layer cake produce? Well, generally one cake will yield about a twin size if add additional fabric for a border and two layer cakes will produce a queen size. It’s like buying a bag of flour or sugar and making a cake, it depends on your recipe and any additional ingredients you add that sets the size of the cake.
  8. How much fabric is really in a layer cake? Estimates are that there are about three metres of fabric in a layer cake. More than they look, huh?
  9. Don’t layer cakes cost more than cutting my own squares? Not always! If there is a bit more than three metres in a packet and the packet costs $48.98 then the fabric per metre would need to be $16.50 or less per metre to equate. Now that’s an offer worth checking out!
  10. There are endless ideas for sewing with layer cakes. Not only are they the perfect precut for a bed quilt, but they also work for home decor, handbags, baskets, etc. Selecting a layer cake saves you hours of selecting, matching and cutting.

If you are searching the perfect collection of fabrics to sew your next quilt top with and are short on time, check out the Layer Cakes we have in the storefront or the website. If you want, we will give you a free pattern to use with the purchase of a Layer Cake.

Happy stitching!

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