Tuesday Tip: No-Mark Stitch and Flip

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of visiting our fabric distributor, TrendTex Fabrics in Port Coquitlam, BC (a suburb of Vancouver). I was there with a few others to work with the lovely Sue Jensen who showed us this stitch-and-flip sewing tip. Sue is an amazing teacher and we learned a lot from her that day!

The only thing you need is a simple piece of cardboard and it will save you from having to mark all those diagonal lines as you join strips for binding, jelly roll strips, etc. Sooner or later as quilters we all come across an instruction in a pattern asking us to stitch and flip!

This method is much faster than marking lines on each of your strips or squares. Think about using this method for half-square triangles also.

Step 1: Here’s the rectangle with a square to be added. Cut a narrow strip of paper, lightweight cardboard (cereal box weight or file folder) or lightweight sandpaper like you see below. Sue used cardboard.

Step 2:  Place the square on top of the rectangle, right sides together.

Step 3:  Lay the cardboard strip across the square, corner to corner. Cardboard should be a little longer than the distance from corner to corner.

Step 4:  Sew along the straight edge of the cardboard, holding the cardboard in place while sewing. Chain as many as you wish.

You will get a perfect diagonal seam!

Step 5:  Trim the seam allowance to a 1/4″.

Step 6:  Set the seam by pressing over the stitching and then flip the smaller patch open and press.

Now you have a perfect diagonal line without marking each square.

Happy stitching!




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