Tuesday Tip: Organ brand Sewing Machine Needles

A sewing machine is only as good as the needle in it. Kind of a strong statement, but if you have done any amount of sewing, you may have realized how true this really is. In our shop we have a stock of very unassuming looking envelopes of sewing machine needles.

These envelopes of needles come from The Organ Needle Company. The Organ Needle Company works closely with sewing machine builders to design and manufacture needles for optimal performance. Organ brand of needles have become our favourite brand in our shop because they perform really well.

While the needle is the least expensive component in any sewing machine, it is the most important. High quality, ORGAN needles designed in cooperation with the machine builders assure maximum performance, quality, and economy.

ORGAN needles are manufactured from special high carbon, silicone rich steel. They use the latest state-of-the-art production techniques to insure highly polished eyes for dependable, smoother stitches, consistent quality and fewer thread breaks.

ORGAN assures you the right needles for all your sewing jobs. ORGAN supplies the largest variety of needle types, sizes, eye configurations, point designs, and finishes for almost every sewing task.

If you have been having issues with how your machine makes stitches, we recommend trying one of these Organ needles in your machine and we believe that you will see a remarkable difference.

Note:  It’s always advisable to have your machine serviced by a qualified technician to ensure that it is in good working order.

Happy stitching!

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