Tuesday Tip: Organizing Unruly Thread and Bobbins

Is organizing your space in your plans for the New Year? Here is a great product to get you started.

Have you ever had thread become unruly and tangled? Do you have a drawer or a basket in your sewing room with a jumble? Here are two of our favourite things to help you out. These really work well and make a great gift for yourself or to give to friends who sew.

A company called Gypsy Quilter has developed “thread peels” to keep your thread spools from unwinding. Thread peels adjust to any spool diameter. They really are great for all sorts of threads and fit around any spool and even most cone threads. They come in four different colours (if that matters to you), but any colour will suit! Look at this video to see what we mean:

The other little invention that we are really enjoying from Gypsy Quilter is the “Bobbini”. This gizmo keeps your bobbins and matching thread together; saving you time looking for the matching bobbin. These also come in four colours.

So for a toonie a piece you can purchase either of these items to keep your threads and bobbins organized better!

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