Tuesday Tip: Sew Straight!

sew straight

Save time with Sew Straight by sewing unmarked diagonal lines for blocks such as snowball or triangle squares. Accurately sew bias seams for binding in a jiffy! Sew perfect 1/4in seams! There are countless ways to use Sew Straight!

This new grid attaches to the bed of your sewing machine with re-stickable tabs that are included with this product. The double-sided adhesive strips can be stuck on your sewing machine bed again and again. They remove cleanly and easily so as to not damage the surface.

To use the “Sew Straight”, you plan and position it so that the bold centre straight line lines up with the machine needle set to centre needle position. Line up the bold straight line on Sew Straight with centred needle at the end of feed dogs. Press the Sew Straight into place with the stickies on the bottom against the bed of your machine. Don’t fret if this sounds confusing, a complete colour instruction brochure comes with this product!

* No Key Needed
* Sewing on Unmarked Diagonal Line
* Sewing Miter
* Sewing Accurate 1/4in Seams
* Sewing Bias Seams for Binding
* Sewing Diagonal Lines for Pieced Squares

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