Tuesday Tip….YLI Invisible Thread for Appliqué

YLI Invisble Thread
Invisible thread made by YLI is a beloved favourite here at Hamels Fabrics. It comes in two colours: Clear or Smoke. We use it on many of our appliqué quilt kit projects like those from Pine Needles and Laundry Basket Quilts like the upcoming “Elephants” kit. We’ve even gone so far as to use it to appliqué wool and fireside fabrics in our samples. For the “Elephants” sample we are using invisible thread in the top and neutral beige cotton thread in the bobbin. Using a short / narrow zigzag stitch to hold down our elephants.

Elephant block

Why use something invisible you ask? Well, this thin 100% nylon thread is fine and soft, not at all like the thick stiff fishing line stuff. YLI Invisible thread is so fine that it’s about .004 mm in diameter. Yep, that’s like a human hair or something!il_570xN.796087056_sd2k

When you thread your machine with YLI Invisible Thread your stitches are camouflaged which is great if you are getting used to quilting and sewing. Relax and enjoy this thread that holds down your appliqué and saves you from having to buy several different colours of regular thread. It’s invisible and works on the surface of most fabrics. The “clear” is good for light to medium coloured fabrics and “smoke” looks good on dark colours.Stitching detail

Use regular 50 weight cotton thread in the bobbin to match the background of your project and the YLI Invisible Thread goes right on top. Try a few sample stitches on scraps to test drive your tension. Your machine may need to have the top tension reduced a bit. Try using a 70-10 or a 65/9 Microtex needle with this invisible thread.

This thread can also be used to machine quilt with.

Caution: Resist using invisible threads on a baby quilt project because if there was ever a loose stitch that a baby could get a finger or toe underneath, this could hurt baby.

Experiment with it. Happy stitching!

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