Tuesday’s Tip With Terry….Mini Design Board


Having a mini design board is the perfect tool for your sewing space. This small and portable design wall can sit next to your sewing machine, avoiding the need to constantly leave your chair and walk over to a larger design wall.  While constructing your quilt blocks, you can affix fabric pieces to the board during your quilt block layout.  Being that it is upright, you can easily see what you are working on.  There is no need to take up space on your sewing surface by laying out fabric pieces that always seem to be shuffled around while you sew.  This mini design board is a must for any quilter that works on mini quilt projects, or create smaller size blocks like those in Civil War quilting.  See how easy this board is to make!

Step One

Cut a piece of board 10 inches square.  I like mine to be approximately 1/2 inch in thickness.  If you are unable to cut your own board, you can purchase pre-cut boards from most home improvement stores.  Most stores will cut these boards down to a custom size.  Cut a square piece of quilter’s flannel 12 inches square.  Position the wood board centre over the quilter’s flannel and wrap the excess around the edges of the board.  Attach theses edges to the back of the board as in the picture below.  You can use a glue gun to this, however I prefer to use staples.


Step Two 

Purchase a stand for your design board.  The best stand I have found is a plate display stand.  These stands are very inexpensive and can be found in most Dollar Stores.  They usually are hinged allowing the stand to fold in half.  This is great as it will make your design board portable to take to a quilting class.


 Step Three

Voila! your are finished.  Now you just need to place the finished design board in your stand and it’s ready to use.  Now you can place your fabric quilt block pieces on the board and they will stay on the flannel.


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