Tuesday’s Tip With Terry…Open Or Closed?

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The Open and Closed Controversy

Should I press seams open or to one side?  This topic has been discussed by quilters since the beginning of quilting I think.  Is there one correct way over another?  This has been the quilting controversy. Well the answer is simple.   Both techniques can be used.  There will be times you will choose one over the other.  Here is why.  There are two schools of thought on pressing seams.  One says that seams pressed open will be flatter and easier to match.  Open seams can be ditch quilted exactly down the line of stitching.  The other school says that seams pressed to one side will be easier to match because they lock together when they oppose each other.  This works especially well for designs like Flying Geese, Trip Around the World, or Irish Chain, and it allows you to skip pinning every intersection.  Ditch quilting will be hidden by the ridge on the opposite side of the seam.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tip With Terry…Open Or Closed?

  1. It’s my understanding that one of the main reasons for closed seams is that they add strength to the seam. The seams on bed quilts will not separate as easily with a closed seam.

  2. This is true Elaine. Along with the qult back not having extra bulk as it would opening the semas at cross over points. Thanks for the comment. Happy Quilting!!!!

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