Tuesday’s Tip With Terry….Roxanne Thimble Fitting Instructions

Roxanne Thimble Fitting Instructions

rox_fitting1Roxanne’s Thimble is designed for a comfortably snug fit, which is necessary for ultimate needle control and the production of your best quilting stitches.

First Step: determine the midpoint between your cuticle and the joint of the quilting finger (usually the middle finger) Refer to the picture. Measure the length between your cuticle and the middle of your knuckle/joint. Divide that length by two. Remeasure from the cuticle using the new number. Place a mark on your finger with a pen. This is the midpoint.

  • Second Step: Start with a size 11 ring sizer. If you can push the sizer past the mark on your finger go to the next smallest ring sizer. Keep going smaller until you arrive at the one that can’t be pushed past the mark on your finger.
  • Third Step: Read the number on the ring sizer that you have determined to be the correct size. Before ordering your Roxanne™ Thimble add one to that size.

Note: If you quilt orthopaedically correct, your finger will shrink a little after about 20 minutes. When you first get your thimble it will feel very tight.

Disclaimer:   This sizing formula, if followed precisely, will help obtain the correct thimble size but could be off by a half size due to many factors. We have found that if the jeweler helps you he may unwittingly lead you to select a half size too large since his job is to fit jewelry comfortably loose.

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