Variegated Cotton Thread

Have you ever wondered just what colour thread to machine quilt with? If your quilt has a few colours in it then perhaps you want to audition a cotton variegated thread to bring your project to the finale. Check out the option of using variegated cotton thread when fabrics are different ranges of the same colour, or when there are so many colours in your quilt top that your’e not sure what color thread to use.

signature green variegated

  • Choose either a variegated thread that will contrast with most of the top’s color(s) or will blend with all of them.
  • Choose quilting designs with as little backtracking as possible
  • Look for subtle tone on tone threads for a unifying effect.
  • Use a bobbin thread that matches the dominant colors of the thread, or the dominant color of the top’s fabric(s).
  • Install a “metallic” needle in your machine when using variegated thread as it will feed better.


Signature thread has several nice colours of variegated cotton thread available through our store. Signature 40wt Variegated Cotton Thread is a 3 ply 40wt 100% cotton thread with excellent sewability at high-speeds. Signature 40wt Cotton Thread performs well on both long arm and home quilting machines. Ideal for providing dimension, texture and visual interest. We also carry Mettler and YLI variegated threads to choose from for machine quilting.  Happy quilting!



machine quilt variegated

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